How To Get In Shape Fast For Men

The truth for guys is that getting in shape isn’t about just being bigger. It’s about getting a specific shape (and it’s not round): the ideal male body. It’s about a look: lean and toned, with a v-shaped torso. Think underwear model, not bulky bodybuilder.

You can’t play your role unless you know your goal. The key to arriving in shape is attaining that v-taper. It’s the look that gets the admiring glances, the look of the hero and the man who has himself together. And here are some tips to help you get it fast.

1) Use an effective eating plan

Being lean is the key to this look. It won’t matter how nice your chest or arms are, if you have a big chunky waist. Well it will matter, but not in a good way.

Not convinced? Body transformations prove it. Look closely and you’ll notice how the guys in them aren’t actually any bigger. They may look it, but if you look closely you will see their chests, arms etc haven’t grown. They just appear bigger, and better, because they have lost the fat covering them, and they now are not overpowered by the “spare tyre” of the “before phase.

Learning how to eat for your goals is fundamental to getting in shape fast.

2) Weight train for lean toned muscle

While eating to get lean, it’s important to keep your muscle for the look you want, to avoid the wasted marathon runner look. As the saying goes, use it or lose it and that definitely applies to your muscles. It’s totally possible to maintain all your muscle mass while you are getting leaner. In fact if you know what you’re doing you can even increase your muscle mass while losing fat, for a win-win that will get you in great shape.

3) Focus your energy where it really makes the difference

Knowing how to get in shape fast is about realising that though all things may matter, some things matter way more than others. Knowing what to do is the trick.

Focus on the muscles that matter for the desired effect. The key to the shape you want is to emphasize certain aspects of your body; you actually want some parts to grow faster than others so you improve your proportions. When they do this will make the difference fast.

4) Pick the right exercises

If you only get bigger you probably won’t look better. The right exercises play an important part. For the v-shape use lots of lateral raises, pull-ups and pull-downs. Get really good at these movements and you will get in shape, and quickly.

Use your energy for brief intense workouts. Aim not just for fast results, but fast workouts too. It is not only an effective way to get in shape fast, but it also means you’ll have a life left to enjoy!