How to Get Lean – Tips to Get Lean Muscles and Drop Extra Pounds Quick

Learning how to get lean, develop lean muscle and drop those extra pounds quick does not have to be difficult. Taking a few simple steps in changing your metabolism and your daily routine can start to produce results. No matter if your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 30 pounds, turning that extra belly fat into lean muscle can be done.

Here are a few tips to get you on your way quickly:

  • Walk with some extra weight: Using 5 pound weights that strap to your arms and ankles when taking a 30 minute walk will reap large rewards. That extra weight will not be too noticeable to you, but your muscles will be able to tell the difference. That extra work will help develop the lean muscle you are after quickly.
  • Lean Protein Diet: Also, add in more lean protein and less carbohydrates to your diet. Be cautious to not increase your current level of fat and calorie intake however. Lean protein such as baked chicken or lean steak (avoid rib eye meat, focus on a good skirt steak or New York Strip cut) can really fuel lean muscle development.
  • Use body resistance exercise: Besides the walking weights, you really should not lift other weight when looking for lean muscle building. You can use your own body resistance by doing push ups and squats to develop longer, leaner muscle instead of the bulky muscle that comes with heavy lifting.

Getting lean quick and dropping the unwanted weight can be done with ease if you have a little dedication and motivation.