How to Get Over the Fear of Driving Over Bridges

The fear of driving over bridges is one of the most feared driving situations. The ratione behind the fear is that once you get on the bridge, there is no turning back. The only way to get off the bridge is to drive to the other side … but there are so many things that could happen! The bridge could collapse; you could lose control and crash off the bridge, etc … Sounds familiar?

You see … a lot of people get totally wrapped up in their thoughts. Once they are on the bridge, they kick into hyperactive mode. They start looking their heartbeats to see if it is still beating OK and they check to see if they are still breathing … and they keep worrying that if they stop focusing on their physical well-being, EVERYTHING will go haywire! They will lose control … they will drive off the bridge … they will crash into others and cause an accident … the bridge will suddenly collapse … etc.

Thinking about potential danger and being aware of your surrounding CAN keep you safe, it is a healthy behavior – to a certain point. But obsessing about it, trying to control everything is counter-productive. You are actually subjecting yourself to more risk when you obsess with your safety.

Do not think about whether you will lose control and do something drastic. Do not think about whether the bridge will collapse and you will fall into the water and drown. Do not think about whether the driver behind you will crash into you because you are driving so slowly. These are all not under your control. Being fearful and afraid will not make it happen, nor will you be in a position to prevent it from happening. If the bridge were to split open … tell me what can you do? Mend it back? Somehow avoid it by a fraction of a second?