How to Get Rid of Flat Warts

Warts are common and harmless benign tumors that usually grow above the skin. They may also appear on any part of the body but they are usually found in the feet, hands, and the back of the knees. Flat warts, a common type of wart growth, usually have a smooth appearance rather than the typical rough texture. They also tend to grow in clusters on the face, legs, or hands. They are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, which is also responsible for genital and plantar warts.

Home remedies for flat warts

To get fast results from effective wart removal, you can start by resorting to simple home remedies such as the use of duct tape. The strong adhesive of duct tapes can cause blisters to form around and under warts, hence eradicating them for good. You may also need to use a pumice stone to scour the warts and slough off dead skin before every reapplication. By applying duct tape to the affected area for at least a week, you can get rid of unsightly flat warts without resorting to surgery.

You can also use over-the-counter products to get rid of warts. Mild acids such as salicylic acid can also form blisters around the warts and allow dead skin to slough off. To get the best results, you should also remove dead skin cells with the use of pumice stone or a nail file. Bactine, mercurochrome, and hydrogen peroxide are also some of the best over-the-counter products used for getting rid of warts permanently.

To boost the effects of home remedies for warts, you should also keep you skin dry, clean, and disinfected at all times. Soak a towel in steaming hot water and gently place it for the affected area for at least five minutes. Use antibacterial wipes to disinfect the area and keep your skin dry by staying near the heater or electric fan. You can also increase your chances of winning your fight against unsightly warts by strengthening your immune system by taking Vitamin C.

Cryogenics for flat warts

If flat warts do not respond to any of these home remedies, you can also try a treatment known as cryogenics. It works by freezing warts, forming blisters to form under them, and allowing dead skin to slough off naturally. Doctors can directly apply liquid nitrogen to the affected area or use cotton-tip applicators. Non-prescription products for cryogenics are now available over the counter, too. You can spray them to the affected area and wait until it eventually falls off.

If you have flat warts, you should never hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor and find out if your problem is really this type of wart. Regardless of which treatment method you wish to use to remove flat warts, you have to make sure that it suits your needs as well as your budget.