How to Get Rid of Man Boobs: The Complete Guide

Getting rid if man boobs is all about having the right information and a well thought out plan to follow through on. First thing to remember is that you cant spot reduce fat. I’ll say it again, you cannot focus on one area of your body, work it out intensely and reduce fat in just that spot. What this means is that doing hundreds of push ups and bench presses then sitting on the sofa and hoping the moobs disappear is not a valid option. That’s not how the body works, fat dissolves pretty evenly from throughout the body at the same rate and those dense deposits like love handles and moobs are the last to go. In other words, you’re going to have to work pretty hard to get rid of man breasts. But the good new is that getting rid of man boobs is far from complicated, in fact, it’s actually a simple and straight forward process that can be easily incorporated into your day with a little commitment and a lot of effort. You just have to familiarize yourself with the main causes of man breasts and focus on each one regularly.

Primary Causes of Man Boobs:

Too Little Muscle

Too Much Body Fat

Hormone Imbalance (Too Much Estrogen & Cortisol, not enough Testosterone)

Its been my experience working with guys, helping them lose their moobs that its rarely just one factor alone. More often than not its a combination of all three, so that’s why any plan of action will have to address all of them. Since man breasts are caused by a number of factors, we’re going to need to implement a number of tactics.

To develop muscle, you’re going to need a weight training program. To loose fat you’re going to need to create a calorie deficit. You do this by having a rock solid diet program that you can stick with along with regular cardio to make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. And to regulate your hormones you’re going to have to make a few changes to your day to day routine. I know this sounds like a lot, but its actually pretty simple: you can probably come up with your own diet and workout program with a little research of your own, just remember that for it to work you have to focus on all three key areas:

Too little Muscle:

There’s no way to avoid this. You have to hit the gym and make enough of an effort to at least maintain your existing muscle, but ideally you want to add a bit more. You may ask “Why can’t I just diet my moobs away?”. Because the human body tends to retain fat not muscle when it experiences a calorie deficit. Muscle is nutritious and filled with energy, if its just sitting there not being used then your body may use that and hoard the fat for a rainy day. Imagine how much that would suck; your muscle mass just widdling away and your boobs staying put, standing out even more because now your body fat percentage would be even higher relative to muscle. By lifting weights we avoid this. Strengthening your muscles through exercise forces your body to seek alternative fuel, i.e. Fat.

Any strength training regiment that you do has to work to work the entire body, not just the chest. I can’t tell you how many articles and videos I’ve seen from so-called experts that suggest a handful of chest exercises and that’s it. Getting rid of man boobs is about increasing your overall muscle mass to help you burn more calories and ensure that your body turns to its fat stores for food and not to its muscle.

Too Much Fat:

Now that we understand the importance of resistance training for losing man boobs, next we focus our attention on creating a calorie deficit. It wont help you at all if you workout 2 hours a day but are still eating several hundred calories more than yor body needs. You might get stronger, but you’ll still be sporting a C cup. The boobs are going to disappear when the fat that their made up of gets burned off. To do that you need to create a daily calorie deficit of about 15-20%. For every 80-85 calories that you consume, you have to burn off a 100. I know it seems simple but time and time again this is where most guys fail. Infomercials have us thinking that weight-loss is all about gimmicks and secret tricks but it’s really just math. Most guys that set out to lose their man boobs try crash diets or hit the gym for hours a day but never have a clue how much fuel (calories) they’re really consuming on any given day. So first step is to standardize your diet and really understand how many calories you’re eating and what nutritional benefits if any, those calories contain.

Also you need to focus on foods that are filling, not tasty. Food is fuel, nothing more. If you think about it that way your much more likely to succeed that if you spend the day thinking about all the tasty treats you’re missing out on. Your man boob eliminating diet needs to be consistent and maintainable. It doesn’t do you any good to start a diet that you’re going to give up on in a few days or weeks.

Regarding the calorie deficit, cardio is an essential tool for burning calories fast. Cardio is different from weight trainng in that it wont really result in gaining much muscle (there are some exceptions). However, when done right, cardio forces your body to start digging into those fat deposits and using them as fuel. There’s one type of cardio in particular that reigns supreme: High Intensity Interval Training also known as HIIT. It’s brutal, but when done in conjunction with a solid diet and workout plan, it will turn your body into a man boob burning furnace. 3 days a week of this and you’ll be as flat-chested as my first girlfriend

Hormone Imbalance (Too Much Estrogen/Cortisol And Not Enough Testosterone):

And lastly we have the hormone issue. Man boobs aren’t caused by excess body fat alone, otherwise all guys with a few extra LBs would be rockin them. Your hormones and your genetics are going to contribute to whether or not your extra chub accumulates in your gut or on your chest. While you can’t do much to change your genes, you can improve your hormone situation with a few tweaks to your diet and daily activities. In particular what you want to do is boost your testosterone and reduce your estrogen and cortisol. The good news is that usually whats good for one is bad for the other. So just making modest changes in your day to day will tip that teeter totter in your favor.

Get plenty of sleep

Avoid soy and other estrogen inducing foods.

Eat broccoli and other cruciferous veggies

Lift heavy weight/low reps in the gym.

Get enough zinc in your diet

Have sex (seriously, it helps)

And chill out. Stress is awful, that’s no secret, but in case you needed another reason to take it easy, it also causes your cortisol level (the stress hormone) to increase, hence: moobs!