How to Get Rid of Trash Can Smell

Trash can odors are difficult odors to remove for most cleaning products. Trash cans, trash bins, garbage cans, trash compactors, garbage disposals, roll out containers and trash dumpsters all have consistent, persistent and lingering odors after you remove the trash and refuse from the receptacle.

It is not an easy task however, to remove trash can smells, especially within a confined area, for instance in the refrigerator, in the trunk at the back of your car, in the wardrobe or in a poorly ventilated tiny room nearest the can.

Garbage is such a general term that is it difficult for most cleaning and air freshening products to be able to produce a cleaning product for effective garbage odor removal. Trash can smells can permeate anywhere, especially considering that it can contain some of the deadliest and most stubborn smells in one place.

Don’t be surprised that most the things that can remove the bad smell can easily be found in your kitchen. You can also use the combination of any of the tips below together to effectively remove any bad trash can smell. Try those tips and you will say goodbye to trash can smells forever.

Trash Can Smell Removal

* Trash Can Cleanup: Hose down the can on a sunny day. Pour one gallon of water mixed with three cups of bleach into the rinsed trash can. Agitate the bleach and water mixture in the can. Let it sit for one hour, stirring the bleach every ten minutes.

Use a long-handled brush to scrub the sides of the can. Pour out the bleach and water. Be sure you scrub the lid as well. Let the can and lid dry in a sunny spot. The ultraviolet light from the sun kills the odor-causing organisms. Be sure to let the can dry before adding any new trash.

* Charcoal: Charcoal is on the top of the list of smell deodorizers as it is one of the best absorbent agents that can soak up the bad odor. Charcoal is also widely used as water filters and in most odor-removing commercial products. You can put a medium-sized chunk of charcoal inside your smelly patio for instance, and leave it there for a couple of days. You will notice that it can effectively remove the trash can smell.

* Baking soda: This is also a good absorbent. Put a generous amount of baking soda in an uncovered container (the size of the container depends on the size of the confined area) and leave it for several days. Remove the baking soda and replace it with new one and leave it for a couple of days. Continue replacing the baking soda until it has cleared the trash can smell.

* Spring Fever: The best way to get rid of the trash can smell? Get rid of it from the source. Be more prudent with your waste materials. Put things away as soon as you’re done using them. Throw things away as soon you know you won’t use them. Everyday maintenance is the key to a breathable, livable home.

This may all seem anal and tiring, but if you really want to avoid your home smelling like a dumpster, then you better shape up and not throw your trash all around as if your home is a dumpster. Be responsible of your trash for your own sake, or don’t be and suffer the consequences.

Trash Can Smell Masking

If you can’t beat them, hide them; that’s the whole idea behind perfumes and some such products, isn’t it? The methods below basically mask the smell with another more powerful odor rather than remove the smell, so you should be sure you are going to be happy with the result.

* Vanilla Essence: Pour several drops of vanilla essence on a couple of cotton wools. Toss the cotton wools inside the confined spaces nearest your trash can. Leave them for several days and you will notice that the area smells nice, or at least smells nicer.

* Lemon or Lime Peels: Just put some lemon or lime peels into an uncovered container and leave them inside the confined area for a couple of days. The citrus smell will naturally replace the bad trash can smell.

* Mint Extract: If you favor neither the smell of citrus nor vanilla, you can perhaps use mint extract instead. Pour several drops of mint extract on a couple of cotton wools. Toss the cotton wools inside the confined space and leave them for a couple of days.

* Coffee: Ground coffee has a nice, crisp natural aroma. Just put about a cup of ground coffee in a flat, uncovered container. Place the container inside the confined space for several days. If the bad smell is extremely horrible, put more ground coffee. The area will smell of fresh coffee for many days.

* Tea: If you don’t like coffee, you can use tea bags instead. Just place 2-3 tea bags inside the confined space. The tea leaves in the bags will not only absorb the trash can smell but will also release the natural aroma of tea.

* Orange peels: Get an orange and poke it with a sharp object like a needle or fork to form small holes. Place each of the cloves inside these small holes until most of the orange surfaces are covered. It may look like a hedgehog with the cloves jutting out of the orange fruit. Leave it in the confined area for a couple of days. The area will smell nice with the said combinations.

* Pandan Leaf: It is easy to get pandan leaf in tropical countries as it is widely used in Southeast Asian cooking to add aroma to dishes. Its pleasant aroma also acts as natural air freshener. Just take a few strips of the pandan leaves and tie them into knots. Place the leaves inside the confined space and leave them until the leaves are withered or dried up. Replace the leaves regularly until the trash can smell goes away.