How to Get Skinny Without Starving – Get Thin & Lean Quickly by Eating Food!

Do you know the secret of how to get skinny without starving? Today I'll explain how without exercise, dangerous fat burner pills or starving yourself you can lose 20 pounds in 1 month! Find out now how to get thin by eating food. Plus I'll explain the downside to low carb diets you may not be aware of, and just how they destroy your health.

Why Low Carb Diets make you Gain Weight!

You would think starving your body would be the key to reducing your weight the quickest. Although there may be some logic in this, the reality is that the human body does many things that seem very illogical. Did you know that when you starve your body it actually triggers the panic button which begins to conserve calories and prevails the metabolism from overworking! Yes that means that fat will not be leaving your body until you can essentially reset your body's safety switch in terms of burning calories. The worst part of this is that most of the weight you lose from low calorie diets is re-earned during the weeks that follow when you eat more again but your metabolism is now even slower than before!

How to Get thing by Eating Food!

The solution is known as the calorie shifting diet. It involves eating a regular diet where-by you eat 4 complete meals per day. The trick is in the fact that you change the types of calories you consume from day to day. This actually forces your body into an increased mode of fat burning by which your body feels safe to burn fat and is not inhibited by anything. Best of all you can expect to lose fat as quickly as 9 pounds in 11 days by calorie shifting.