How to Get Started With Creating Your First Mosaic

Making mosaics is really easier than you might think.

Or course there are endless possibilities when making mosaics, some more difficult than others. What you need to do is start with smaller project and move on from there to larger ones.

Now that you are interested in mosaic art, you will want to create your first mosaic. To start you need to find a project that will interest you. Would you like to create coasters, vases, table tops, picture frames or maybe you would like to create more intricate wall or floor mosaics, the choices are truly endless.

Once you selected your project you need to determine the materials you are going to use. This of course depends on the mosaic and where it will reside. The materials used in a mosaic are called tesserae, known as the individual pieces that form your mosaic. Tesserae used to be only marble or ceramic, but today they can be anything from broken plates and mirrors to left over tiles, anything that will form a pattern when placed correctly.

There are different methods to create mosaics, still depending on the size and location of your mosaic. The direct method is when you put the tesserae directly in its final position. This method is mostly used for smaller projects and what is nice about this method is that you see your mosaic as you are making it and it allows you to make little adjustments to you mosaic.

The Indirect method is used for larger projects. This method involves gluing your tesserae face down onto a paper backing.

The double direct method is a modern version of the direct method. It involves gluing your tesserae on a fiberglass mesh. With this method your mosaic is visible because all your pieces are glued face up on the mesh. This method also gives you more time and allows to work where you want rather than on site.

So with a few left over ceramic, porcelain or marble pieces and very few inexpensive tools you too can create your own mosaics. A work of art you will be proud to show off once you are finished. Don’t worry about making it perfect, little imperfections give character and contribute to make your mosaic unique.