How to Get Super Fit Quickly Without Going to The Gym

There are many ways to get fit very quickly. You can do this with simple exercises that you can do at home. You do not always have to join a gym in order to increase your fitness level and physique. You can combine weights with bodyweight exercises for an unbeatable resistance-training program.

There are people who think bodyweight exercises are better and those who believe weights are best form of resistance training. Why not combine both together and get the benefits of each in one workout.

You can increase your strength and muscular endurance by using each method within your training program, and creating your own circuit training program. You can also get very strong and lean in a short period of time with this kind of routine.

One of the simplest strength building routines you can do is to combine squats, push presses and bicep curls.

The key to resistance training and strength building is to hit every area of ​​the body and grow strong. By using squats, push presses and bicep curls you are focusing on the big muscle groups of the body.

This has an overall effect of increasing muscle mass and strength through your body. As such, the results can be seen very quickly when you use this along a good diet.

Gymnastic exercises are great for resistance training if you do not have any equipment present. Resistance training should not just be classed as weight training, as your own body can act the resistance you need. Take a look at the gymnasts and see how lean and muscular they are.

Also note the exercises that they use are all based on their own bodyweight. You can start to incorporate this in to your own workout routines and see impressive gains.

When training with weights, always to try to increase the resistance a little during each session. Weight training is one of the best methods of resistance training and you can easily see how much progress you make from the weights you are able to lift. But remember to combine weights with bodyweight training for the best fitness and strength gains.