How To Get ‘Triple A’ Credit In 25 Days

Good credit is everyone’s dream. A wise use of credit can go a long way. It certainly makes certain goals in life (like acquiring business loan from bank) easily attainable.

But the key question remains: “What does it take to achieve ‘Triple A’ credit?”

First and foremost, it is important it is critical to point out where most people go wrong when it comes to their credit and credit report.

People with bad credit will usually seek credit repair help. Most would seek credit expert advice and few will try to do it themselves by purchasing a credit repair book.

Mainly, the problem is not the type of help you hire, rather the assumption you are left with after the whole credit repair process.

Where most people go wrong is that once their credit report is free of any negative entries (or errors), they simply assume that they now have an excellent credit.

That’s simply untrue.

In reality, your credit is not bad because you now have managed to erase the negative entries that was shown on your credit report before. At the same time, you do not have ‘ Triple A ‘ credit either.

Unless, you have positive items or entries showing on your credit report.

And the key to a successful credit repair is not just getting rid-off the negative entries on your credit report, but rather to show-off that you have multiple positive entries on your credit report that can buy the confidence of your bank to loan you their money.

You can find numerous articles dedicated to guiding through the credit repair process, but few will discuss further than just repairing your credit. Meaning few will tell you (better yet, know about),

“How to add positive entries to your credit report?”.

It is very important you understand that, you can repair your own credit and make it flawless, better than anyone ever could. Today, there is so many help on credit repair help, but not all are legitimate help. And it is extremely important to keep that in mind.

If you want to avoid getting chopped-down by bogus repair companies, take the following two statements as an advice that will serve you a long way.

1- There is no law available to any credit repair company, expert, or attorney – that is not available to you as the credit consumer.

2- Credit repair companies use the same law made available to you by congress to repair your bad credit. And they certainly can not change the law for their clients.

The above two simple statements might seem obvious, but repeating them like a mantra can be the difference between getting ripped-off and getting the ‘Triple A’ credit you deserve.

Back to the main point – “How To Achieve Triple A Credit?”

Here you will learn two powerful and proven ways that will give you a sterling credit in the shortest time possible – 25 Days. Apply the following two techniques and, guaranteed, you will give your credit a face lift that would have banks open their check book.

1. A Millionaire’s Credit in 25 Days.

Do you have a checking account and a savings account? Good. If you don’t, no worries, these days you can open an account online. It should take you no more than 5 minutes. You got your accounts opened? Good, now comes the second phase.

Phase 2: Now you will need your savings account to use it as a collateral. Now using your savings account ask your bank for a secured passbook loan.

You can borrow a dollar for dollar with a passbook loan. This type of loan works well with as little as $300, but if you have $10,000 – that’s even better. Once you secure a loan with a passbook you can not touch the funds until you have fully repaid the loan. Remember, you should be able to do with-out these funds for 30 days.

A bank secured with your passbook loan has no risk in lending you money, so any bank should be willing.

Note: It is extremely important that the bank reports your loans to the credit bureau. Therefore ask your bank “If they report your payment history to the three credit bureaus?”, it is critical part of this whole process.

After all, the whole purpose of you doing this is to add zing to your credit report with a very powerful and positive payment history, right?

Now once you borrow the money, wait 25 days and repay the loan back to your bank. Because you have fully repaid your loan the bank will send your positive payment history to the credit bureau.

That’s a grand slam!

Now you have the bank as your friend and the credit bureaus can not help it but report your good payment history.

2. How To Use $500 – $1000 into A Millionaire’s Credit.

With let’s say a $1,000 in your account, ask the loan officer for a 12- month a $1,000 passbook loan. Do not be discouraged, you can certainly achieve this with less money, but if you can afford to do it don’t hesitate.

By the time you’re done with this technique – – – well it’ll be all worth it. Just wait and see. Since this is a secured passbook loan (meaning, it is secured by the amount of money available in your savings) most banks will not run a credit check. And if they tried to do so explain it to them why they should not as it is secured by the money you already have in your savings account.

Which you won’t be able to access until you payoff your loan anyway, so there is no justified reason to run a credit check.Now with the $1,000 secured passbook loan from your first bank, open a savings account at another bank with the $1,000 loan received from the first bank.

The request that they give you a $1,000 12-month loan and do not mention the loan received from the first bank. Wait about a week or two, go to a third bank and repeat the process.

Next, at one of the three banks open a checking account with the $1,000 you received from the third bank. You now have a$1,000 in a checking account and three outstanding 12-month loans at three different banks – for a total of $3,000. Deduct your original $1,000 and you need only repay $2,00 plus interest.

Note: Make sure that you ask your bank if they have a pre-payment penalty because you do not want that.

Finally, about one week later start to pre-pay your three loans.

Now you have an advance payment record with three banks and will have established powerful credit for your credit report. From now on every type of loan and credit card will be yours for the asking.

Here you are with un-touchable credit, three big banks as your future business friends, and a credit bureau reporting positive payment history – all in just under 30 days. You just learned about one of the very few techniques that can change your credit significantly within a month time.

Of course you can apply these techniques for as long as you like and keep improving your credit. Apply these techniques discussed and you will get the Triple A credit you deserve.