How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back By Re-Opening The Lines Of Communication

One of the first things that goes when you are faced with the morning after a break-up is to realize quite how fully the lines of communication have broken down between you and your ex.

It is hard to remember in the days after a breakup, but there was a time when you were happy, when you never argued, when the sex was great, and he fancied the pants off you. All of that might seem like a distant memory now, but the good news is that you can get back to that state of affairs. It simply requires you to re-calibrate where your relationship is currently at, and re-open up the lines of communications.

What does that mean in practical terms?

You should start to think back on your relationship with your ex boyfriend, and try to pick out three occasions when the communications between you were good. These can be quite diverse situations; in fact the more diverse they are the better, as in most relationships there are some areas where couple are great communicators (for example sexually), but in others (for example money) they may do nothing but disagree and bicker.

It is important to realize where you stand in terms of communication with your ex, because even if your relationship ended because of an affair, or a particular event. It is still the case that the events that led up to that were probably predicated on a breakdown in communications.

The best way to start to get your ex boyfriend back is to start working on the lines of communication where you had the MOST connection, and NOT to focus on the ones where you had the LEAST.

This is a mistake that many women make at the end of relationships particularly because all the focus is on what is wrong, and not on what is right. You need to turn that on its head.