How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Using Dirty Psychological Tricks

A break up can happen to almost anyone who’s been fortunate enough to fall in love, but, if you’ve been there and you want to learn how to get your girlfriend back, I’m going to teach you a few psychological tricks that will put you on the right track.

1. If you don’t leave or work together with your ex girlfriend, make sure you minimize communication with her as much as you can. If possible, do not initiate contact with her at all for a minimum of three to four weeks. This means no calling, no text messages, no emails and no IMs. This step was enough for a lot of guys to get their girlfriends to contact them in a matter of days and there’s a psychological explanation for that…

People want what they can’t have!

…Never forget that! It’s hard-wired in our brains and, basically, that’s what helped us become what we are (the most evolved species on Earth). Also, by doing so, you avoid acting needy and depressed around your ex while setting the stage for your next moves.

2. Add just a little bit of jealousy to the equation. Just a little bit. But pay attention here! If you overdo this, you will end up losing your ex for good. I’m going to teach you some sneaky ways to do this without even talking to other girls, so, you won’t actually ruin your chances to get her back! This is very powerful because of the following reasons: you make her wonder if she made the right decision when she left you and you lower her self esteem by letting her know you also have options and you were able to replace her a lot easier that she initially thought. You were such a valuable guy right under her nose and she didn’t even notice!

3. Make your first date with her very emotionally charged. “What?! How do I get a date with her? Right now, she doesn’t even answer my phone calls!!”. I can hear you screaming already… Well, if you carefully follow the steps I’m going to show you, getting another date with your ex is not going to be a hard task at all (in fact, that’s going to be the easy part!), so, right now, let me explain what I mean by “emotionally charged”. That DOES NOT mean ‘dinner and a movie’. Because, well, it’s BORING! And does not create a bonding… or in our case a RE-bonding experience. In fact, you want to pack in several emotionally charged mini-dates in a span of a couple hours. And I’ll explain to you everything in detail if you follow my simple plan (you can get a gender-specific guide for free if you follow the blue link at the end of this article). If you just do ‘dinner and a movie’ you lose out on a sociologically proven principle…

Emotionally charged experiences = Bond

So, how do you do that? To get started, a short roller coaster ride is one great example. Also, if you can switch places and, preferably, go on several mini-dates with her in a span of a couple hours, you will create what I call “time distortion”. This will make your ex feel like you’ve been together forever (even if you’ve only been together for a few days).