How to Get Your Girlfriend in the Mood in 30 Seconds

Let’s face it. The longer you stick in a relationship, the duller it becomes. It doesn’t matter that you’re seeing Megan Fox or dating Salma Hayek. They can have the longest legs, fairest skin, bluest eyes and most dazzling personalities. In fact, your girlfriend may be the hottest girl on the planet. That won’t stop the inevitable: eventually, you’ll bore each other to death.

The reason is simple. People like variety. Men and women like experiencing new things and that goes for relationships. Has your relationship plumbed the depths of boredom? Do you still get aroused when you’re lying naked next to each other? Or would you rather read the Wall Street Journal? Don’t fret. It’s easy to spark a roaring fire and get your girlfriend wet and horny for you. Try the following tips!

Catch Your Woman Off Guard Do something drastically out of the ordinary, preferably in public. Let’s say you’re lining up at the cinema and she’s itching to see the film. Before it’s your turn to enter, dramatically lift her up and carry her to her seat in the same manner newly weds cross the threshold. She will be delighted at the attention and your action will easily spark up the old romance. The more public your display of affection, the more primal the feelings you will arouse.

Talk Dirty But With RespectYour girlfriend won’t admit it, but she may have fantasies of being ravished by that tall, dark and handsome rogue. You may be far from the villainous ruffian, but you can play the part. Take opportunities to whisper lines like “If you Can Imagine What I’m thinking of now” during innocent moments like ironing the clothes or washing the dishes. Couple it with suggestive looks and glances at forbidden zones to punctuate the message. Do this at random throughout the day to get her imagination spinning. Her chaste thoughts will turn to lust and take the relationship to a boiling pitch.

Touch Like Your Life Depended On It One thing women wished men did more was to touch them. You see, many women are predominantly kinesthetic. They thrive on human touch and bask in the glow of closeness. Men with their machismo aren’t so touchy. They feel it a sign of weakness (except when they cop free feels). Show you’re girlfriend you’re not like other men. Show her you’re sensitive and caring by touching her frequently. Guide her to chairs. Support her back as she enters the elevator. Stroke her nape when she’s stressed. Play footsie under the table. And most of all… give her that comforting shoulder when she’s lonely. She’ll love you for it.

Make Her Jealous Know why diamonds are so valuable? It’s because they’re rare! If you’re always there for her, you’ll be about as valuable as a can of spam. Limit your time with her. It may take some effort, but exert the will to turn down some of her invitations. Go out with your friends. Pursue some hobbies and set up some new enterprises. When she sees that you’re busy and a go getter, her perception of you will increase!

Exude the Alpha Male Aura Alpha males are the top dogs. The big guns. If you’ve played the role of Clark Kent or Peewee Herman the past 2 years of your relationship, chances are, your girlfriend finds you as exciting as a wart extraction. Upgrade your image. Strut with smooth confidence. Occupy more space by standing with feet shoulder width apart. Move slowly but with measured pace. Practice unwavering eyecontact. These are the mannerisms of alpha males- and they’re guaranteed to get her thinking of you in less than innocent ways.