How to Give a Girl Multiple ‘Stacking’ Orgasms – "The Master Stroker" and "The Great Anticipation"

Listen up – virtually all women want more than the plain boring sex where guys penetrate them and then expect them to orgasm. The fact is that women are unlikely to reach climax via physical stimulation alone. If you haven’t been able to make a girl climax for more than two times in one session – you are missing out A LOT. There are a couple of other things that are very important to women – and if you don’t do them, you will not satisfy your woman sexually. Read on to discover the secrets to make any girl achieve ‘stacking’ orgasms – one after another – in as little as five minutes…

How To Give A Girl Multiple ‘Stacking’ Orgasms – 2 Essential Techniques You Absolutely Must Know

Technique Number One – “The Master Stroker”. The ‘usual’ method is to move your penis in and out of the vagina. Here’s a killer tip – get into a position where you can move up and down instead of in and out. This is because by moving upwards and downwards, you will be able to stimulate your woman’s G-spot directly which will make her achieve multiple orgasms in short time. Here’s another deadly effective tip – get into the doggy style (which you can control your movements easily) and then move upwards and downwards instead of inwards and outwards. Try it – it works EVERY time.

Technique Number Two – “The Great Anticipation”. Prior to the lovemaking session, if you’re able to create massive amounts of build up, you will be able to get her highly excited. During the day, tell her that she will be experiencing new sensations which she has never felt before.

Once you make her feel the excitement of anticipation, then unleash the “Master Stroker” technique on her – and bam – she will get pleasured with multiple orgasms like never before.