How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – Three Questions to Turn Your Lady Into a Wildcat in Bed!

If you could turn your lady into a wildcat in bed by just asking her a few questions would you do it? That is a stupid question…of course you would. Read below the three questions you MUST know to turn her on!

Keep in mind that questions are very POWERFUL because they make people think and it changes their state of mind INSTANTLY. But, you have to ask high-quality questions or you are lost. If you ask the wrong questions then you get the wrong answers. For example, if you ask “why am I such a loser in bed” then you will get an answer but what good did the answer do you? It’s negative! For that circumstance, you should ask something like “how can I please my woman tonight better than ever?” The answer to that question is that you must ask her the right questions.

Here are questions you MUST ask her.

1st Question.

Ask her “how did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” This will instantly change her state of mind and make her emotionally attached to you. It will make her feeling loving towards you.

Ask yourself this question, “didn’t I have the best sex and love making in my life when my lady had a strong emotional feeling towards me?” The answer is YES. You need to take her feelings back to that time. You can do that with the right questions.

Some women can even have great no-touch orgasms because they are so emotionally attached to a guy. It’s just their make up. You can ethically exploit her changed state of mind in your direction.

Be sincere because women can see through insincerity and fakes!

2nd Question.

The next question should be in the context of “how can I show you my love and affection tonight?” Now, you’ve moved her in the direction of affection, love, sex, and a love banquet. You didn’t ask her “if.” You asked her “how.”

You’ve assumed that she will want to have a great session tonight. Again, you’ve changed her state of mind with just a question.

Assume that she says that she wants to go out to eat, go back on the couch and make out, and then go to the bedroom and ride you. Now is that a bad thing?

One question has brought you all the power!

3rd Question.

The third question should be more detailed. Ask her “what would make your so turned on by making out and riding me?” Now this question is almost unfair. If you ask it correctly she might just want to ride you right now. She might not want to wait.

No matter what she says you can repeat it back to her with more detailed questions until it gets more and more erotic. And more sexy and seductive. Now you explore her unfulfilled fantasies or some sex games she’s always wanted to play. She may even have a no-touch orgasm!

Try these questions, or questions like them, and you will love them.