How to Give Head – Work Smarter Not Harder!

Know What You’re Working With – Cut or Uncut

When learning how to give good head, make life easier for yourself by working smarter instead of harder and you can do this by firstly modifying your technique to match his aesthetics and then his personal liking. What this means is that If he is circumcised he may be less sensitive at the tip and you will likely need to use longer, harder sucking motions or massage blow job techniques along the shaft to stimulate your man. However, if he is not circumcised, he is likely to be more sensitive at the tip, meaning that you should pay most of your attention right at the end where all of his pleasurable nerves have not been desensitized by daily friction.

Have The Right Attitude

Having the right attitude automatically makes giving a girlfriend blow job so much easier because if your hearts just not in it, it’s only going to make it harder for yourself, and no one will enjoy your attempt at fellatio if it appears a chore. Enthusiasm and a genuine interest are often returned in tenfold, which means greater pleasure for you when it’s your turn, and if you really get in to it you might just find that you actually like it. So pep yourself up, show some eagerness and get him excited. Men usually always have a huge ego so before you even start, flatter him, let him know you really, really want it, your thoughts have been consumed with nothing else all day but getting home and your mouth on it.

The Wetter The Better

If you want to know how to give good head, then one of the easiest tricks in the book is to simply make it lip smacking good by keeping it well lubricated. Trying to give a hand job blow job to an un lubricated penis is always a battle for the giver and can be painful for the receiver. So keep a glass of water nearby for regular top ups when you need a break. If this is not an option, then some good old fashioned spit will also get you on your way. A moist mouth will always be well received and the transition from warm to cold with a change in tempo can also heighten sexual excitement. You can even sprinkle a bit on your naked body to add to the sexy image.

Refine Your Technique

Giving a great blow job hand job definitely requires coordination and if giving a girlfriend blow job sometimes feels like you’re tapping your head and rubbing your stomach, make it easier for yourself by refining your technique. Stick to one move until you have mastered it before moving on to the next. It’s really important to keep in mind that the harder you suck doesn’t necessarily mean the better it feels! Your mantra should be that if you are the whisk, you want fluffy whites, not bloodied eggs for maximum pleasure.

Tease & Tickle

Giving a great hand job blow job should always involve a bit of a tease, a bit of a tickle and lot of variety. So always keep him guessing as to what you’re about to do next. Use your hands on his penis moving them up and down or in twisting movements as you continue to lick and suck. Or ever so gently run your teeth back and forth along the tip, or flicker your tongue across the top or lightly tap on or tickle his balls. You can also, experiment with sucking on a breath mint or ice to enhance tingly sensations on the tip of his penis.

Make Sexual Noises

Your man will respond strongly to the sound of sex, so don’t be afraid to make some noise. The sucking, groaning and breathing all play a big part in how to give good head. A good trick to use is humming while sucking which sends mini vibrations up and down the shaft and the sound will not only turn him on but can also help to achieve a mind blowing climax.

Blow Job Hand Job

Fellatio is always fantastic when combined with a blow job hand job. Mastering it though can be a bit like driving a manual car. With the cock being the accelerator, the balls being the gear stick and fuel injection achieved by a well lubed finger inserted up the exhaust! Men love this when it’s well done so practice to get it right. You can even rev it up a notch and add the twister technique where you firmly hold his penis and twist your head in the opposite direction to your hands.

Ball Play

When learning how to give good head, don’t forget his balls. They are also highly sensitive and your man will love that you include them as part of his pleasure. The great thing about using them is that you can change things up by shifting the focus from his penis down to his balls, or start fellatio by gently touching and kissing his scrotum. Just don’t get over excited and pull on them, your man will definitely not be happy about that! Done gently it’s great way to start a good morning blow job or excellent when you need a break from sucking his penis.

Erotic Touch

Erotic touch is so important and it helps to keep things exciting by letting him touch and play with you. Use your lady lumps and brush them delicately over his chest and genital area while giving him light kisses, or use massage blow job techniques up and down the length of his manhood with either your hands or with suction motions from your mouth.

Arse Action

Involving the rear is a great technique to use when shifting things up a gear. Although a lot of men love to be on the giving end when it comes to a bit of arse action there are significantly less who are happy to be on the receiving end. Always check with your guy first but for those who are happy to comply, gently rub around the anal area while you are still stimulating this penis. Tease and gradually apply more pressure before inserting a lubricated finger.

Bring Out The Big Guns

Vibrators are not only for women and are really fun to use as a couple. You can experiment with various types such as mini vibrators, cock rings or butt plugs which are great enhancements. Vibrators are also great to include when you want to keep the momentum going while you take a mini break.

How To Give Good Head – The Finale

If your blow job hand job is just to get him started before moving on to intercourse, or you are there until the final show down, whether you swallow or not is entirely up to you. If you don’t like the act, or the taste he will likely bring up the subject of ejaculating on your breasts or for the cheeky, your face. As much as it may not make any sense to you, most men don’t feel their lovemaking is complete until you have accepted a part of them in to, or on your body. Never do anything you don’t want to do, but if you’re curious, then you can humour him and give it try.