How to Give Women G-Spot Orgasms That Will Blow Her Mind

The fabled G-Spot is much talked about by men as being a thing that when stimulated unleashes massive, even squirting orgasms in women. Trouble is that not many men out there know how to give women G-Spot orgasms.

This article will tell you exactly where this super sensitive zone is and exactly how to stimulate it.

Where is a womans G-Spot?

It is to be found about 2 inches inside the front wall of her vagina and is the size of a walnut. It has a very spongy texture and is quite firm and resistant to the touch. At first it takes a while to find but you will soon be able to pinpoint it's location in a split second.

How to give women G-Spot orgasms.

The secret to giving these types of climax is all in the preparation. She needs to be relaxed, feeling sexy and very turned on. To relax her give her a massage, to make her feel sexy compliment her and to turn her on give her lots of foreplay.

Now to give women G-Spot orgasms the last thing you should do after all the preparation is try to kick it straight away. What you have to do now is get her to the point where she is almost begging you for more. This is best done by giving her cunnilingus. Lick her vagina slowly with some tongue strains for a few minutes to get her real horny then stop and put two fingers inside her.

Now you should use these fingers to push gently on the G-Spot and within seconds you will have her screaming. That's how to give women G-Spot orgasms.