How to Give Your Woman Amazing Cunilingus That Will Have Her Gripping Your Sheets

There are many men out there who are learning how to become better at oral sex, and they are not sure where to turn. One place to pick up some great tips is in this amazing article. Do not be left not knowing these.

How to give your woman amazing cunnilingus

You do not want to write the alphabet all over her clitoris. This concept was probably invented by some man who wrote a sex book, and thought it sounded good. It is one of the surest ways to get a woman to start talking to her friends about you-not in a good way. She'll probably say something like, "Another alphabet writer girls, when I will ever find one we know what he's doing." You do not want to be that guy. You want to be the guy that women tell amazing stories about.

The way to be the man who is the best lover she has ever had is by learning some very simple, yet powerful oral sex tricks. The first and most crucial understanding of oral sex is that slow pace is the best route to take. Why is this almost fact? It is so because the female clitoris does not have the same way that the head of the penis does. They are similar in that they have similar tissues, but the way in which the are connected to the brains and the methods to bring on climaxes are completely different.

When you use fast speed on the clitoris it usually gets super sensitive very quickly and a short, sharp orgasm occurs or the woman just starts laughing. It gets almost comical when a man does this as his first move. There is no romance to it, and a woman's mind needs that to have a powerful, strong orgasm. You want to gently and slowly lick and suction the clitoris to build large climaxes. These are the ones that women love and become obsessed about. You can also allow her to get above you and simply place your lips over the clitoral hood and let her thrust to show you what level of intensity she enjoys the most.