How to Grill Fish From Your Grilling Fish Recipes

For a better grilling experience, try using cedar plank for your grilling fish recipe to add exceptional taste and flavor to your grilled fish recipes especially when you are planning to cook fish on the grill. Making use of these will place your grilling experience to the next level.

Using a wooden plank for grilling fish recipes is fantastic since it allows you to have a great steady surface to hold, whatever food you are grilling especially fish, and together giving you the smoked flavor that you want for your grilling fish recipe.

First, you will have to have a piece of wood, like an inch thick, which has not been used with other chemical stuffs. The food that you are going to grill for your grilling fish recipe should be fitted on the plank totally and make sure that the plank that you are going to use is wide and long enough so that there will be extra space and the food will not be overcrowded. Cedar, packed with smoky flavors, is the best type of wood for grilling fish recipes but still, you can use other kinds of wood which are also good but not great as Cedar. Alder and maples are often used too. Cedar wood planks can be purchased online at online stores that sell grill-ready planks or you can go to your local gourmet shop.

Because this kind of wood, Cedar, is not grateful, before using it, you must clean and soak it very well or else the fish or other food that you are grilling for your grilling fish recipe will catch fire and get burned and ruin the meal . Before using it, soak the wood plank, for an hour or more, in water to get it soaked until it is safe to use. There are times when the wood plank you use will catch fire; do not panic, all you have to do is sprinkle a little water until you get the fire out. Or, you can make a water spray for yourself and keep it beside you in case this thing happens. In addition, soaking the wood plank before using it will help the food that you are grilling, especially for fish, to be tender and juicy.

If ever you see you a plank smoldering and smoking, you do not have to panic, it only means that the wood plank is passing on the additional flavor to the food that you are grilling, fish for instance.

To keep the food from sticking onto the plank, use a little cooking oil and brush it up and down on the plank. Also, you do not have to flip the food over again and again in order to cook the food well because the heat that the plank produces is indirect. Moreover, you should know that grilling fish using cedar wood plank for your grilling fish recipe will take more time than the usual because of the indirect cooking. Seam the fish with butter or lemon juice to heighten-up the flavor.

Remove the wood plank from your grill using oven mitts once the fish is ready and place it somewhere safe. To cool the fish a little bit for your grilling fish recipe, use a fireproof or sheet serving platter. You will see the smiles on the faces of the people who are going to eat the fish ones you have served them the food, serve the food on the plate using a spatula.

Happy Grilling!

Richard Myers
Executive Director
National Grilling Institute