How to Grow Your Penis At Home – Natural Techniques to Enlarge Your Penis Exposed Here!

You really want to learn how to grow your penis at home? Well let’s just start by saying that there is nothing wrong desiring for a bigger penis even if you have an average size. Ensure that you ward off some unsafe penis enlargement techniques and some products that can prove fatal for your penis health…

My aim here is to tell you exactly what you need to do to make your penis bigger by 2-4, so that whenever you find yourself in bed with a woman, you will blow her mind and take her to heights of pleasure she never thought possible. Does this sound cool? Well, read on.

We are going to talk about how you can make your penis grow bigger by means of penis exercises. In olden days there were not many options for penis growth. Men were doing penis exercises to increase their size. Various penis growth exercises were performed by them making use of some equipment or just their hands. The enlargement exercise equipments they used were not particularly meant for penis exercise, but there were some other household stuff like small stones tied with just any rope, penis tied up with leg near knee etc. Their hands were usually the tools they were using for penis growth.

Learning how to grow your penis at home using penis exercises could be easy, but to get the detailed information is where the problem lies. The exercises we are talking about are those activities which are used particularly for changing penis looks in both conditions, erect and relaxed. The reason why most men want to have bigger penis differs, it might be self show off, impressing women, feeling proud for having big tool, better satisfaction for self and partner or whatever. But the truth is that men always desire to have bigger penis, better sexual performance.

Common Penis Enlargement Exercise Types:

The exercise involves holding of blood inside penis in attempt to push more and more blood into penis tissues during erection. This stimulates the growth of new cells and increases both the length and girth.

=Jelqing Exercises: Jelqing exercises are generally known as natural penis enlargement exercises because it does not call for using any device just your two hands. The way to do this exercise is by pushing blood inside penis. Make use of your one hand to push the blood towards end of penis, and make use of your other hand to block the blood inside penis by holding penis in its base (near public bone). There are many version of this exercise like dry Jelq, mini Jelq, V- Jelq, side Jelq etc.

=Kegel Exercises: Kegel exercise, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. Kegel is a popular prescribed exercise for pregnant women to get ready the pelvic floor for physiological stresses of the later stages of pregnancy and vaginal childbirth. The good news is that you as a man can as well make use of Kegel to make your penis grow larger. This exercise can help men get stronger erections and gain greater control over ejaculation.

=Girth exercises: These exercises are mainly for increasing the penis girth. It might interest you to know that women really give more importance to girth then length. It is because girth is what gives wider opening (more stretched) experience to women. Penis girth exercises are also many in counts. Some of them are Compressor, Penis Clamping 101, Erect Bend, Horse Squeeze, Flaccid Bend, Traction Wrapping 101 etc.

There are lots of programs online that teaches how to grow your penis naturally, but a good one like penis advantage should be highly illustrative and descriptive and helps you do jelqs well with the help of videos and photos so that there is almost no room for error. You can also make use of natural pills with these exercises to enhance their effect.

Penis growth exercises have some difficulties with them. Some of the common difficulties are:

*Need to do penis exercise for some months to get some good results.

*Many times, men hurt their penis in absence of proper guidance.

*Wrong results could be seen in absence of proper guidance, or in attempt to get results faster.

*Need to spare some good time every day for penis exercise.