How To Handle Excess Scrapbooking Paper

If you are a scrapbooker, chances are you have mounds of leftover scrapbooking paper that you don’t want to throw away but can’t find a use for. Luckily, there are many fantastic tasks that let you turn that leftover paper into something creative and beautiful, and making use of each item of paper to the max aids you get your money’s worth. Commence by sorting your scraps into piles- keep large items (larger than four in. by six inches) in one pile, medium items (less than four by six but greater than two in. by two inches) in another, and small pieces in a third. Then, grab a few supplies and get going!

1. Use large items to create ready-made mats and journaling. If the piece is bigr than a four by six photograph, you can turn it into a ready-to-grab mat with just a few slices of your paper cutter. A journaling stamp or a pen and ruler used to make neat strains can turn other leftover scrapbookinging paper into ideal journaling blocks or tags. You can trim the edges with ornamental scissors or a border punch to add a distinctive touch.

2. For medium and small size pieces, try creating patchwork accents for your next project. Adhere leftover scrapbooking paper to a piece of cardstock (use pieces that you would otherwise throw away) or the firm cardboard packaging from paper packs. Create a patchwork effect, create a torn-edge mosaic look, or cut paper into 1/2 inch strips and adhere theme neatly to the paper, mixing with ribbon or decorative tape if desired. Then, draw or trace a shape onto the back of the paper, and cut out the shape. Play with unique coloration combinations and mix scraps to create diverse looks that you can then use on any layout.

3. Bring out the Mod-Podge. scrapbook paper is best for creating decoupage creations that are great as gifts or to keep for yourself. You can decoupage almost anything that is flat and suitable for gluing. Medium and small sized pieces, alongside with leftover stickers, trim, or any other minor items can turn any plain item into a beautiful home decor item. Consider creating a decoupage frame for mother’s or father’s day, a cool pencil holder (from an old can with the edges carefully flattened), decorate a clock face, or turn a plain wood box into one thing special. The options are endless, and you can add extra photographs for a genuinely personal touch.

4. Don’t forget about your punches! Smaller items that you would otherwise throw away can immediately turn into fun confetti if you take advantage of your punches or diecuts. Leftover scrapbookinging paper can be punched in fun shapes that you can scatter on dining tables at your next get together, or you can simply save punched shapes for your next decorating project. This is an easy way to get another use out of your paper.

Of course, one tip that every scrapbooking woman should know is that recycling is the best way to make sure that there is loads of scrapbooking paper for the next generation! If you don’t have a home recycling services, simply find one in your community that you can access and then save your scraps that are too small to use in a paper grocery bag. When it is full, drop it off to be used again. Use your imagination, and you’ll find that leftover scrapbooking paper can be a wonderful source of inspiration for your next cards.