How to Handle Fire

One of the most devastating catastrophes that can hit your house and leave you almost at the mercy of fate is an outbreak of fire. When a fire breaks out, people stand to lose everything as they face two main hazards – the constant exposure to the radiant heat emitted by the fire and the flames, smoke and toxic gases produced as an effect. Precious lives, and property etc are lost. Although these days, buildings are constructed mostly from non-combustible materials, yet failure to adhere to fire safety rules, slight neglect at home or even foul play can result in a fire.

Dealing with this kind of acute crisis is a harrowing experience indeed. There are certain rules which you can follow to protect yourself, your family etc from fire:

1. Firstly, try to keep calm and do not panic as much as you feel like doing so. Try not to scare off people, especially small children and old people.

2. Always keep the number of the nearest fire station with you. As soon as fire breaks out, give them a call.

3. If you or someone can not get out of a burning room, try to crawl near the windows and do something to attract the attention of the firefighters.

4. Try to ensure that the fire does not get to any gas cylinder. Notify the firefighters of the positions of cylinders as soon as they reach the spot.

5. Keep fire extinguishers installed in your home or different parts of your apartment and ensure that they are in proper working conditions.

6. Wetting clothes and other objects is a good idea to prevent the fire from gutting them completely.

7. If you are wearing synthetic clothes or any other materials which stand at greater risk of catching fire, you must take extra precautions.

Follow these simple rules and you will be able to protect your loved ones and some of your important belongings from utter destruction.