How To Handle TV Mounting

There are many different ways to get your TV on your wall, but what is the best way when performing TV mounting? This all depends on which type of TV you are trying to mount. Many different ways exist, mainly dependent upon the fact of whether or not you have flat screen or an older tube type television.

In the case that you have an older model the mount, in all reality is very simple. Kits are sold at most if not all department stores and electronics stores as well. Different kits will give you the ability to mount coming flush out of the wall, or components allowing you to mount your TV in a corner. Both have most of the same parts with changes in certain components depending where you would like to mount your TV. Most commonly they include a bracket that will extend from the wall sturdy enough to support a large base which your TV will sit on, allowing you to watch in comfort wherever you would like.

But if you have the much more common and frequently used flat screen TV you may ask which route do I take for my TV mounting? In this case you mount your TV in pretty much the same fashion as you would an older tube television but the way you mount them varies greatly along with the component you use to do this. Flat screen TVs are made with certain grooves in the back of them allowing them to mount with mostly brackets made specific for the TV. For mounting flat against the wall, the bracket will be secured into the wall with bolts then the TV must be fit onto the bracket. At times this can be difficult and you may require some assistance as you must lift your TV to a high position and then be able to position it properly so it will set down flush on the bracket. The same principle allows when mounting your TV in a corner except that it will have some type of extension allowing it so sit away from the wall while still being able to sit on the wall mount.

There are a couple important considerations to take when choosing a mount for your TV. Most important is the weight rating, as stepping away from a piece of equipment that costs thousands of dollars which is left hanging on a wall by your handy work is quite scary. This information can be gathered by reading the ratings on the kit you purchase.

What is another important consideration when TV mounting? The answer is light. When mounting your TV be sure to choose a mount that will allow you to adjust the position of the TV at least a few inches in either direction to compensate for any glare you may experience from lighting sources.

By thinking on these steps to mounting your TV and the other considerations to be aware of you can have your TV mounted and enjoying your perfect picture in the perfect place in no time.