How To Have A Budget-Friendly Home Designed

Are you thinking of designing your new house? Or are you thinking of renovating your house but are worried about the budget? It is not necessary that you have to spend a huge amount for designing your home. Here are a few tips to have a budget-friendly designing for your house.


Paint is the cheapest and most effective way to make your house look lively. Paint the entire house fresh with new colors. If you do not want to spend on the painting the already painted house again, you can paint just one wall in each room to stand out from the rest of the room and make it an artistic gallery wall with a big family photo frame or a huge painting to be hung upon.

Hanging an interesting curtain

You can hang a beautiful hand painted curtain in your kitchen that compliments the area, which can be hidden to hide the mess your kitchen might be in when you have sudden guests. You can place this curtain in any area of ​​the house where it can add interest and also serve a purpose of hiding your mess.

Mix and match furniture

If you want to put out your furniture and buy new one, you need not buy an entire set from one home store. You can pick up different furniture items from different places that are in your budget. They need not form a set. But, you can pick up one common element in all of them, like color. You can decide upon a single color, say red, and you can purchase sofas, chairs and tables from different stores with a major color of red in each one of them.

Reupholster your furniture

Instead of changing your furniture just because you have had it for a long time or because its fabric is worn out, is not a good idea. If the furniture is of good quality, you can just replace the fabric with a new one.

Change your accessories

You can have a change without changing the furniture. You can let all your expensive furniture like sofas, chairs and tables remain. But, you can purchase new drapes and carpets that contrast yet complement with your old furniture.

Art wall

You can paint a steel, glass or melamine crockery set in beautiful colors and designs, and hang them in an arranged cluster on one wall of your house, which can look like one complete piece of art. You can do the same by creating a cluster of big and small photo frames of family photographs. You can also just place beautiful designer mirrors on a wall for a different look.

Change the setting

You can simply just change the position of the furniture in your room from time-to-time. Or you may interchange the furniture sets within your rooms. You can also change the placements of the paintings or showpieces in your house by interchanging them between rooms, rather than buying new ones.

Lighting effect

Try having a different set of lights in your room. Perfectly placed lights can make a small room look bigger. You can even hover light over some special areas of your room to create a focal point in the room and add drama. Add dim yellow lights along with the white tubes to be lit when you want a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can add beautiful chandeliers, big and small, to your rooms.