How to Have a Winter Patio Party

Outdoor parties aren’t just for summer anymore. With a little bit of help, you can throw a great winter party in your own back yard.

Even when the cold wind blows and snow falls, it can be a great time for a winter party on your patio. Today, outdoor heating options are endless. For smaller areas you can choose from fire bowls, fire pits or chimeras. For patios that are a bit larger, you could opt for a propane mushroom type heater; or, for even larger areas, there are fireplace heaters. Any one of these would give your patio the atmosphere of another living room, with the brisk freshness of the great outdoors.

Everyone loves to sit around the fireplace, so putting patio chairs, folding chairs and lounge chairs around the fire and warm beverages like hot cider or cocoa in your guests’ hands are a few sure fire ways to entertain your visitors. It can be cozy, comfy, and a way to create a party atmosphere your guests won’t soon forget.

Worried about keeping food hot? Well it is not as hard as you might think. Just put a pot of chili on the fire and let your guests help themselves. You could even warm bowls ahead of time. You can serve hot beverages or soup in thermoses and if you have cold beverages, those can be served in a bucket with snow packed around them. Another great tip in serving a meal is to serve it one course at a time and warming the plates before serving. This will help in keeping each course at the desired temperature. Finger food and food that is easy to eat with gloves is something to keep in mind as well.

If your guests forget an item of warm clothing, or maybe they need extra warmth, you could have extra jackets, gloves, mitten, hats, or scarves in a basket for them to choose an item that they need.

If you plan on having your party in the evening, or maybe everyone is having so much fun that it runs into the night, you may want to have lighting on your patio or outdoor space. Tiki lights or lanterns are a great way to light up the night. Rope lighting or even plain white Christmas lights can also add to the atmosphere and save you money.

Today, there are plenty of products available to help you enjoy your outdoor space year round. Just because the temperatures are colder doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor party in the winter can be a heart-warming event that your friends will remember for a long time.