How to Host a Vision Board Party

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Vision Boards are very popular because they work. They allow you to see your dream as a reality, and if posted in a highly visible place it will keep your attention focused on your dream. While they can be done in creative solitude, Vision Boards done in a group can actually have a greater effect. Group work is a powerful resource for two reasons. First, when people come together to create their own Vision Boards individually, yet in a group, they are clarifying and openly verbalizing their desires and intentions. The second reason they are so powerful is that the group becomes committed to the individual’s success. Group-work acts as a collective support system for an individual’s dreams and desires.

So you’ve decided to have a Vision Board party, but you wonder just how to do it in order to get the maximum benefits for everyone. First, choose your friends wisely. Invite only those who have an active interest in creating a Vision Board. This is not the time to bring naysayers together. This is the time to bring supportive, loving people together. Plan about 2-3 hours for everyone to complete their boards and share. After you’ve chosen your group (I’ve done them with as few as three and as many as 10), send out invitations and begin planning on lots of fun.


You will need a large assortment of magazines and catalogs, a pair of scissors for every guest, and glue sticks or Rubber Cement (Rubber Cement makes it easy to reposition your images as you create your board). Markers and highlighters are nice to have on hand as well. Your guests can bring their own choice of poster board. Size and color are entirely up to each individual.

Getting Started

Have your guests sit quietly for a moment, breathing deeply to quiet and center their minds. This helps relax the body and deepen the process. Invite their intuition to join them as they create. Openly agree to accept all information that comes to them whether or not it’s fully understood at the time. At this point, do not focus on the end product yet.

When ready, look through the pages of the magazines and catalogs and cut out images, words, or phrases that jump out at you, or strike you as interesting or important. Let your inner guide make the choices for you-trust the process. Stack all of the cutouts in a pile and keep going until you feel you have enough to work with-again, your inner guidance will lead you. When you feel you have collected enough images, set them aside for a moment.

Next, decide on the categories of your Vision Board; for example Family, Work/Career, Friends/Social, House/Home, Travel/Adventure, Relationships/Romance…each person decides what areas they want to include. If you work from inspiration, then you will be doing it right…it is not a good idea to over-think this process.

Decide how you will arrange your categories on your board. Begin to sort through your images and intuitively place them in the categories they belong. You might find that you have images left-over that don’t seem to belong anywhere. I suggest that you dedicate an area of your vision board to these images, and arrange them in a manner that pleases you, letting your intuition guide you. These images may be a big part of your future that you are not yet aware of-you may not even be aware that this area has importance for you-just let your intuition guide you on your journey.

Use the full variety of supplies available…glue, markers, stickers, highlighters etc. Try not to think this through, just go with what pleases you at the moment. You are working from inner source and inspiration; things will unfold to your benefit whether you understand them right now or not.

Ending Process

As host, keep your eye on the time allotted because you do not want to skip this last step. It’s better to have an unfinished Vision Board than to not finalize your intention with this group process. Take turns and have each individual briefly explain their board to the others. If there are categories and images that they don’t understand, state that too. The power comes from each person clarifying, and openly stating their desired outcome. You will find that as each person shares, the group’s collective energy will surround them in support and respect.

It’s an interesting thing that happens when people do solitary work within a group. Many Vision Board parties go on to meet regularly as a support team for each other as they work toward their goals. While this is not necessary, it is certainly an added benefit of the activity. We all have our own path to take, and being a visionary is not always easy alone, but sharing the journey with others can be a very powerful and fulfilling process-one that can take your dreams and vision into reality.