How To Identify Genuine Kate Spade Bags Online With The Label

Every bag designer has their own unique logo and design. Some will use a label while others will print directly onto the designer bag helping their clients identify that the bag is original. One of the ones you may struggle with, especially when buying online, is the Kate Spade bags. This is due to the fact that they have had so many different labels throughout the years, so you need to know what to look for to ensure you are buying an authentic and genuine product that you can trust.

One thing you can be sure of when buying a Kate Spade bag is that the label will look similar across the years. The Kate Spade is always in lower case and below it will showcase “New York,” which is always shown in upper case. That being said, the size and spacing of the lettering has changed, so knowing how to identify a genuine product will help you make the safest purchase and enjoy your new designer bag for years to come.

From 1994 to 1996 the label on the Kate Spade bags was slightly larger than it is today. The lettering was bigger, which often leaves people wondering if they are buying an original. The label should be stitched inside the bag and the lettering should be stitched. Back then the label was either leather or fabric, which is where the confusion can come in. If you do purchase a bag and feel the label looks genuine, check it the minute it arrives. A designer bag will be made to the best quality with straight and even stitching.

From 2002 all the Kate Spade nylon bags were made in China. This lead to a smaller label with the letters placed closer together than in previous years. This again can cause confusion when trying to identify if the bag is genuine by simply looking at a photograph online. If you are buying privately, ask the seller to send you a photograph of the label. The lettering should be evenly spaced with the name in lower case and spelled correctly and the “New York” in capitals.

In 2002, the fabric Kate Spade bags were also made with a smaller label. The key identifier with these particular bags is that the label is made from genuine leather. Therefore the name is sewn directly onto the leather and then the label is stitched inside the bag. This can help you spoke a fake with ease.

The leather bags don’t have a label, which is another easy way to identify if the Kate Spade bag you are looking at online is a genuine or a fake. If the seller is trying to sell you a leather bag that has a label stitched into the bag, then it is most definitely a fake. Unlike all the other bags from this top designer, the leather bags have the label embossed or imprinted onto the bag, this makes it much easier to identify.

In addition to this, the leather bags usually come with a gold stamp of the label for added peace of mind. In some instances you will find the gold stamp on the strap of the bag.

Ensure you only purchase genuine bags from a reputable supplier. Buying second hand and privately can leave you disappointed and without a leg to stand on. At least with a professional company you are guaranteed to come away with a genuine product that you can trust moving forward.