How to Impress a Girl Who Already Has a Boyfriend – Three Girlfriend Stealer Techniques You Must Use

These “super-powered” techniques that I am going to present to you should give you the toolbox to attract a woman who is already attached. Do not forget – if you want to make any woman want you fast, you must use some “super-powered” mind control tactics and hacks to get a woman “addicted” to you psychologically. I will tell you the facts about attracting a woman with a boyfriend. But first, something to cover my butt – I will *not* be held responsible if her beefy boyfriend goes to your house at 3 in the morning with a shotgun and a knife.

“Portray Her Boyfriend In A Bad Light”. Here’s the trick – once she understands that you can make a better partner than her existing one, then that’s a strong reason to dump him for you. Here’s the thing… it’s really quite easy to get her to think that you are better than her boyfriend – you just need to get her to tell you about her perfect partner. When you do this, her boyfriend will come across as TERRIBLE – simply because it’s virtually impossible for him to measure up against her ideal description of a perfect boyfriend. Yes, this trick is particularly shady, but surely you’ll want the most effective method that will work?

“Impress Her – EMOTIONALLY”. Here’s something basic that you should know about. The most powerful way to make a woman like a guy is to get her to feel EMOTIONAL about him Here’s the reason… women are seldom driven by reasoning, and therefore you should not give logical reasons for a woman to ditch her boyfriend for you. Her guilt could remain a strong barrier, and you must make it easy for her to get over the feeling guilty.

“Inner Change”. This particular technique would involve making you examine yourself and see FOR SURE if she has the reasons to leave her partner for you Get back to the fundamentals, and be the IDEAL man that she wants in a perfect partner. Confirm that you’re beyond doubt the better man, but most of all trust that you indeed are.