How to Impress a Girl Within Seconds – 1 Ultra Easy Way to Have Her Eating Out of Your Palm Fast

Who else wants to know how to impress a girl almost instantly? If you are reading our articles, the chances are you've got your hand up high, right? It's true ….. one of the most popular topics we write about for men around the globe are quick and easy ways to get more women, more interested ….. and fast!

Did you know that we've identified about 24 different touch points that make most women weak when they meet a new guy? It's true …. there are at least 2 dozen major ways to drive a woman wild with want, and each of them work deliciously well depending on the time, circumstances, and of course, the woman in question!

With that in mind, let's take a quick look at how you can impress a woman, literally right from jump if you follow our lead.

Instant Attraction Tip # 1: Raise the Bar

Yes, a woman is used to a guy who is willing to go for just about anyone he meets. Did you know that most women think that a man will sleep with just about any woman he meets? It's true … and this rises an artificial barrier, or defense mechanism that keeps her from buying into your act too quickly. The best way to overcome it? Easy! Raise the bar – play a bit hard to get and simply lift the level of woman you are even WILLING to go home with. This makes her curious, captivated …. and very eager to know whatever she meets your sexy standard for someone you'd want to bring home, or even spend the night chatting up.

Bonus Tip: Give Her Something To Look Forward to Later

Did you know that women like, lust for and actually appreciate a man who is powerful in and out of the bedroom? It's true … and if you really want to impress a woman both in the sack, and out, you need to show her you are the true package deal. That means she wants you to be a great conversationalist, adventurous, and yet have a super hot body she'll look forward to seeing at the end of the night to boot! Get all of this down, and you''ll be getting far more than any man you know, that much I can promise you for sure!