How to Improve the Sound From Your Flat Screen TV

Recent advances in electronics has provided us with flat panel TV’s with fantastic pictures. Great improvements over the old CRT (Cathode ray tube) versions. When we watch TV, we like to have good picture and good sound to match. Picture and sound “hand in hand.”

Now we got great picture… but how about the sound?… have we heard (seen) same improvement here? Sorry to say, we have not! Actually, the sound was better in the old TV’s. Why?

The simple reason is that there is no space for the good old speakers any more in the new flat TV’s. It is that simple!

Is there anything we can do about it? The answer is Yes! There are some options available to us:

Most of the new TVs are furnished with an optical digital output plug (Toslink plug) on the back. Furnished as the TV manufacturer are well aware of the sound setback of their new TV sets.

First option – accept it as is

This is the option which most of us go for. We simply accept the new situation – consciously or not. Excellent picture with “so… so” sound. The reason is that most of us simply are so impressed with our new TV that we do not pay that much attention to the sound. Or, we do not want to spend extra money on improving the sound. The TV is new, and it must be good.

Second optioninstall a soundbar

Now, if we plug in an optical (toslink) cable and rout the cable to a soundbar in front of the TV – we can get just as good sound – or even better – as compared with the old TVs.

3rd optionconnect with a sound system

If you have a music system located close to your TV – a system with speakers with an amplifier with an optical input plug, then you may run the optical cable from your TV to this amplifier. With this setup you may achieve fantastic sound! Now, if you do not have this type of music system already – this music system may cost you as much as the new TV – or even much more!

4th optionconnect with a wired headset

You may connect a good wired headset to the “line output” (3,5 mm plug) of your TV. This way you may get fantastic sound in stereo. The drawback is the cable across the floor.

5th optionconnect with a wireless headset

For this option you use a headset as well. The difference is that the headset is wireless – such as a Bluetooth headset. To take advantage of this option you need to install a transmitter on the TV which connects to the optical output – or the “line output” – of your TV.

With this option you may obtain excellent sound – in stereo. Also, this option is wireless – so there will be no cable across the floor to stumble into.