How to Improve Your Business Cash Flow Immediately

The Secrets To Internet Marketing

Are you struggling to get more business for your company? Do you have a website, but its not making much money or sending many leads? Or do you simply not understand the internet and how a website can help your business. Well read on because Id like to share with you some exciting ideas and information which I guarantee will increase your business without increasing your budget..

Now I am going to assume that you either have a website which is not bringing in the level of business you want. or you don’t even have an online presence yet.

Online marketing is becoming more and more crucial to the success of small business in The UK and especially in the current economic climate. You have to control your costs but you need more business and you definitely need to concentrate on your online marketing efforts. The power of the internet is that it allows us little guys to compete with the big guys, but in order to compete on a level playing field you need to have the same information and knowledge in how to apply it.

For example getting a listing in Google is essential these days for any business or service provider, Why? Well if you have not realized by now traditional advertising is rapidly being overtaken by GOOGLE that’s right nearly everyone from school kids to your grandmother is searching for stuff online. Forget yellow pages, forget local newspapers forget 118118 (who can afford that anyway). Online is where its at and you need to be on the cutting edge. Google has changed the way business are showing up for Local search For example lets say you’re a dentist in Dorking.

How much more business could you have if for example some one searching Google online for a dentist in Dorking now sees only your business?. You have effectively eliminated the competition. With that sort of power you could fill your waiting room ten times over because you are the only dentist in town. That’s an extreme example but if you are on page one of goggle when people search for your service or product they are going to come to you period.

Some people might just flip to page two but not many Consider this in the UK Google not only has nearly 90% of the search market, but – according to Hitwise – Google controls a full 36.55% of the traffic going to UK websites. And, due to how search works, that 36.55% of traffic is generally more targeted and more valuable than the remaining pool of traffic.

So I am sure you agree getting your company or service on page one is very important so how do you do it Let me explain how the search engines work

Google ranks your sites, relative to how popular it is with other sites on the internet, Its like a popularity contest.. the votes are ranked by links from one site pointing to another, the site with the most links from other sites are the winners, these sites with a lot of other sites linking to them get higher rankings in the search engines.

Additionally, sites that have a lot of links pointing to them, provide more powerful links , so we like to get links from these sites so we get higher rankings.

How do I get backlinks?

You need to create a LOT of sites, and put links to these sites pointing to YOUR website..

What’s also important is this, you need to have sites that link to your site of the same theme or niche. e.g. if your site is related to dog training. then you want a lot of other dog related sites linking to your site..

Now this is very important the sites you make must link together , so these sites, in and of themselves rank very well in the search engines. All these sites end up promoting YOUR website..

So instead of just relying on one website to send you sales or leads. You end up with a LOT of websites to help improve your business.

So where do you create these sites. That’s the most important question and that’s why you need the advice of an expert. You can do it yourself but really shouldn’t you be concentrating or running your business and let someone else do the spade work for you?

After you get your sites up and running you need to make sure that the rss feeds is also promoted into rss directories. Google loves rss directories. You also need to write articles about your main business or service and publish these to the article site directories these then must link to your website. Again Google loves article directories. So you then continually update these sites and after each update make sure you tell Google you have some new content, this is done by pinging.

Now this is only a quick review of what is required to be in Google but really the whole point of this online marketing is to get you more leads and sales. Google is just one piece of the puzzle.

Next time we will explore web 2.0 and why if twittering is something the birds do you need help with your online marketing Here’s to your success in 2009.