How to Improve Your Golf Swing Plane – 3 Tips

A lot of golfers have bad or inconsistent swing planes. Maybe you are looking for solutions like I was. I started looking for ways to improve my swing plane, swing speed, and overall golf swing consistency. This was when I learned about swinging in a better and more consistent plane. In keeping with the general theme of this site, I thought I would list 3 Tips to help with your swing plane and your swing speed.

1. Here is a good drill to help you feel what a proper swing plane feels like. Address a ball at the driving range, without a club. Next, point to the ball with your left hand, and pull back your right arm as if you’re going to shoot an arrow through the ball. The position you’re in now, this is the correct position. The plane of your shoulders point at the ball. Hold this pose, then move your arms so you point a foot or two above the ball. See how this swing plane feels wrong? (Way too flat.) Now move your arms so you’re pointing at your left toe. Do you feel how this swing plane is too upright? Back to pointing at the ball. Turn like you’re starting your backswing. It’s hard to turn completely, but you can still feel the correct way to come back on the correct swing plane. Last, put both hands together pointing at the ball. Pull your right hand back to the arrow shooting position. Go back and forth several times. This is how a proper backswing (on plane) should feel.

2. To feel a proper swing plane, address a ball on the driving range and lift your club to knee or waist level, like you’re going to hit a baseball. Take a couple of baseball swings and feel how around the swing feels. It’s just a turn, back and around. Imagine a giant plane of glass through your shoulders, arms, grip and club. Swing along this swing plane. Go in a circle, not in a straight line. Drop the club. Now start with your hands together in approximate address position. Leave your left hand pointing at the ball, and bring your right hand back to the top. Now downswing with your right hand and clap. It’s a circular motion, like opening and closing a door. Do this several times, feel it. Now, swing normally and still feel the circular motion. Coil and recoil, the swing is circular, not a straight line back and forward.

3. Who wants to hit it further? Your main source of power-and therefore increased swing speed, is the coiling and uncoiling of your core (your entire body). The best golfers rotate their body to the right on the backswing, and begin their downswing with their hips. Many golfers think their clubhead speed should max out as you hit the ball. This has been disproven. Your maximum clubhead speed should occur after you hit the ball. That’s the way Tiger Woods and all the other best pros do it. This insures that your swing speed is accelerating as you hit the ball. You know deceleration is bad. To do this, start your downswing with your hips. Many golfers start the downswing with their hands. Your transition starts before you reach the top, Your hands are still moving back, and your hips are already loading downward. You can’t begin your downswing with your hands, this causes casting, coming over the top, and of course, slicing. The lower body starts, the hands will follow.