How To Incorporate RSS Feeds On Web Pages

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a simple format that can be used either to receive updated content or to send content from one’s website or web log (commonly referred to as “blog”). Its simple to use and various free resources are available on the net. Simply put, RSS is just like newspapers receiving content from news agencies like AP, Reuters, UNI etc. If you have an RSS feed on your webpage, you continue to get latest content provided it is updated by the provider or source.

To use RSS feeds, you must use a feed reader or “aggregator”. One free and easy to use resource is provided by: . The following steps have to be followed:

1. Select the RSS feed you wish to place on your webpage. For this simply type “RSS [subject]” in any search box like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. In place of “[subject]” write the name of the topic. Let us say, you typed “rss news”. Then the search engine will display results for this keyword phrase. Select any result and look for the “red” button with the words “RSS” or “xml”. Click on any red button of your choice. A page in “xml” script will open up. Do not bother about the page – simply copy the “url” in the browser window. That is the RSS feed.

2. The RSS feed has to be “read”. Go to or any feed reader of your choice and paste it at the appropriate place. Select the options about font etc. or choose default settings. The feed reader gives you the JavaScript code.

3. Copy and paste the JavaScript code at any appropriate place on your website or blog using the edit menu.

4. Verify the feed’s appearance etc. by visiting your website or blog

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 till you are satisfied.

RSS feeds can be useful on your web pages to keep the visitor interested in the latest news or updates. It is recommended to use such feeds that belong to the same topic as your content pages so that the visitor gets updated articles, press reports etc. and may even like to bookmark your site. Take care to add “_blank” in the “Link Target” so that when the visitor clicks on any RSS feed, a new window gets opened. Before utilizing any free feed reader ensure that the feed is not for a limited period, otherwise, the feed will get terminated. One main disadvantage of JavaScript based feed readers is that search engine spiders or crawlers will not read the RSS content on your pages. So, it is essential you use this feature as a supplement for information to the visitor. Do not tamper with the JavaScript code.

Though on a blogger like Google you have a side-bar for RSS feeds, they pertain to certain topics only. For incorporating RSS feeds do the following:

1. On (for example), go to: Posting > Create > Edit Html.

2. Paste the JavaScript code in the main body.

3. Give a suitable title in the “Title” box.

4. Add any content, if you wish.

5. Click on “Publish Post”

6. View your blog and modify settings, if you like.

I have deliberately not mentioned any technical gibberish to enable easy understanding.


Please do not include RSS feeds (i.e., other than those provided by the web host) on free web hosting pages like GeoCities etc. since it violates the terms of service.