How to Incorporate Tasty, Inexpensive Salmon Into Your Bagged Lunch

In these times of economic hardship, Americans are looking to cut back on unnecessary expenses to try to keep their budgets in check. For many, what used to be common lunch trips to restaurants now seem like expensive luxuries, and are being cast aside along with shopping for new wardrobes and fancy cell phone upgrades. But for those who are used to eating out a few times a week, especially during the workday, the austerity and repetitiveness of the bagged lunch can be a bummer. The endless alternation of ham and cheddar and tuna and mayo can drive one insane.

But instead of giving up and blowing your budget, you can find ways to spice up your bagged lunch routine by incorporating pink and red Alaska canned salmon in place of your standard deli meats and canned tuna.

While most Americans eat canned tuna, and have at least heard of canned sardines, fewer have used pink and red Alaska canned salmon, and this lack of familiarity can cause hesitation when you see the unknown tins on the supermarket shelf. But fear not, this convenient product is made from the freshest, most delicious wild Alaska salmon and can be used in a number of standard sandwiches and recipes. Here are some ideas for how to salmon into your bagged lunch today:

1. The salmon melt

Just like tuna, pink and red Alaska canned salmon tastes great in a sandwich. You can mix it with mayo, yogurt, oil, or vinegar, depending on taste and diet requirements. But remember that salmon has a very strong, distinct taste, so you might want to consider a milder cheese to pair with this fish, such as provolone or mild cheddar.

2. On top of a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese.

One of the major pluses of including pink and red Alaska canned salmon into your diet is the health benefits. As an oily fish, salmon provides a power-punch of omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to promote heart health and protect against strokes and degenerative mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. But you can easily counteract some of the health benefits if you drown the fish in mayo and cheese. So consider putting it on a fresh salad instead.