How To Increase Your Creative Power – The Hindu Way!

The book under review is titled as ‘ The Journal of Oriental Research’. This has been published in the year 2007 and has nine articles in English.

This book is strongly recommended for reading and preserving for the students, scholars and anybody who is interested in Indology.

The article, ‘Creativity and its process: An appointment with Ancient Indian Aestheticians’ is giving you all the details to understand the multidimensional character of creativity with special reference to the nature and cultivation following ancient Indian aestheticians and to grasp few essential points needed for creative excellence.

This fantastic article has been written by C.Panduranga Bhatta, a renowned scholar in Sanskrit.

The ancient Indians created wonderful literature, music, sculptures, buildings and other creative products.

Rajasekara the author of kavyamimamsa has very clearly given eight factors as sources of creativity. They are:

1) Peace of mind (svasthya in Sanskrit)

2) Poetic intuition (pratibha in Sanskrit)

3) Practice ( abhyasa in Sanskrit)

4) Devotion (bhakthi in Sanskrit)

5) Participation in the assembly of the learned (vidvatmatha in Sanskrit)

6) All inclusive knowledge (bahusrutata in Sanskrit)

7) Strong memory ( Smrthi dhyanam in Sanskrit) and

8) Courage (anirveda in Sanskrit)

Those who want to increase the creative power in any field should develop these eight qualities.

Concentration which means oneness of mind or single mindedness is also given due importance in creativity.

The Hindu sages and poets strongly believed that there is a vast scope for creativity in each and every field be it literature or music or for that matter any other field.

This article gives details of awakening of the mind for creative thinking.

Other articles deal with Harmony in bana’s Harshacarita, description of nadis in vedic and yogic texts, The worship of Vastu etc.

We may read book reviews of nineteen books related to Indology also.

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute situated in Mylapore, Chennai, India is bringing out important books that are valuable for the scholars, students and book lovers who are interested to know many secrets revealed in Sanskrit literature.

While arithmetical manuscript is dealt in one article the varnam of music is explained in another article.The article ‘worship of vastu’ is giving the details about the birth of vastu and body of vastu.

These articles have been written by world scholars such as S S Janaki, Takao Hayashi,N S Satagopan, V.Kameswari, K.S.Balasubramaniyan,T V Vasudeva, R.Vijayalakshmy and Lalitha Ramakrishnan.

Sanskrit lovers, pl read this book without fail.