How to Install a Handrail

An essential part of a staircase, handrails ensure people’s safety by supporting them as they either ascend or descend the stairs. On installing them, one may hire a worker to do it, or one may cut costs by learning how to install a handrail by themselves.

The materials needed in how to install a handrail are a screwdriver, a saw, mounting brackets, a drill, chalk or powder, and of course, a handrail. One should also make sure that they are properly protected for the labor by wearing safety goggles and work gloves.

The first step is measuring how high the handrail should be placed. While they are usually positioned 36 inches from the ground, a height of either 32 or 34 inches is also acceptable. Once the height has been settled on, the chalk is used to draw a line from the stairway’s topmost point down to its lowest. However, construction authorities highly advise using powder to draw the line as they are easier to clean off than chalk.

From thie chalk line, the top, middle and bottom points are chosen as these are the points onto which the three mounting brackets are to be attached. If one wishes to attach longer handrails, however, three brackets may not be enough to support it, in which case additional brackets would be needed. After the chosen points have been marked, the drill is used to make the holes for the brackets.

Each mounting bracket is placed into each hole and held in place using screws. The brackets have to be screwed in tightly and must be strong enough to support the handrail. To give the handrail a stylish and elegant look, one should first paint it before putting up on the wall, and ideally in a color that blends in with the ambience of the house or in whatever location it is situated in. It is recommended to use darker hues as dust and dirt tend to show up easily on light colors. Once satisfied with the railing’s appearance, all that is left is to clasp them in place with the brackets, and one has successfully learned how to install a handrail.

Just as the handrail is built for safety, one should always take safety into consideration when attempting to put them up. Having learned how to install a handrail securely and having followed the proper precautions and procedures, the staircase will be a much safer place for those who pass through it.