How to Install a Motorcycle Windshield in 5 Easy Steps

Bikers who use motorcycles for long journeys and travels in high speed
are the typical installers of windshields. The purpose of a motorcycle
windshield is to prevent a biker from acquiring wind fatigue which
usually happens when one is riding the bike for a long time. A
windshield also protects the front rider from discarded trash and bugs
that they may encounter while riding their motorcycle. Every year, the
popularity of the motorcycle windshield rapidly increases. According to
surveys, it is now the most bought accessory and the most requested
motorcycle ornament by all of the motorcycle enthusiasts.

Before you buy and install a motorcycle windshield, make sure that you
have determined first your needs and the specifications of your
motorcycle. Measure the diameter of your headlight. Choose the
windshield that would perfectly fit and would properly mount on the
headlight of your bike. In case you are already in a motorcycle
accessory shop and forgot the measurement of your headlight,
do not worry. There are so-called universal windshields that
fit your motorcycle regardless of the size of the headlight and the
size of the front of your motorcycle.

The way you ride your motorcycle is also a big factor when buying a
windshield. Choose a windshield that suits your riding style. The
adjustable windshield is perfect for any type of rider and it
is the recommended type by most bikers. Whatever type of windshield you
prefer to buy, make sure that the angle matches the front
forks of your motorcycle. The top of the windshield must also be as
high as the tip of your nose once you are in your usual riding

Purchase your desired motorcycle windshield and proper
mounting kit. Your mounting kit should be the specified tool for your
windshield. Make sure that you bought the right one because these are
usually brand specific. Remember – most mounting kits are not

So now let's get ready for installation. Prepare the basic
tools and level your motorcycle on the ground, securing the side stand
or the kickstand. Carefully follow the instructions in the manual that
comes along with the windshield or the mounting kit. It should only
take 30 to 40 minutes of your time depending on your mechanical

1. Warm up your windshield before
installation. It is more flexible when warm, thus it will be easier for
you to mount the said motorcycle accessory.

2. Next, remove the protection cover
starting from the edge.

3. Clutch the windshield on both sides.
Then, start bending the windshield gently to fit the front of your
motorcycle. New windshield units can be bought in a ready, contoured

4. Using the mounting kit, gently screw
the windshield to the front of your bike. Pay close attention to the
other accessories and wires that might get caught as you install your

5. Secure the mounted windshield. See to
it that it has been properly placed and had met your benchmark. You are
now ready to ride your motorcycle with the newly mounted accessory.

That's it! You're now ready to cruise the roads with a newly
installed motorcycle windshield! Cruise on by []

— We'd love to see you!