How to Install a Rain Gutter

Many people who live in old homes do not have a rain gutter. Installing rain gutters can be either very difficult or very easy depending on the brand of rain gutter a person buys. It can also depend on whether the company provides installation or not. Usually a brand name company will provide installation of new or replacement gutters and/or downspouts at a price or for free. Some companies make the gutter easy to install, so minimal work is required. This article will explain how to install a new rain gutter in simple terms. It is best to read an instruction manual as well for clearer instructions of how to install a new rain gutter.

The first thing to do in installing a new rain gutter is to measure the slope length of the eaves. After measuring the slope and length, buying a gutter is the next step. You have to determine what material you want the gutter to be made out of. Aluminium is usually the most popular choice because of how inexpensive it is. After choosing the gutter, you then measure out and cut it to length to match the eaves of your house.

After cutting down a gutter to length, the next step is to attach the gutter parts to the eaves. This is typically done with hanging brackets that are placed into the eaves and are attached to the gutter to provide stability. Once the gutter itself is installed, the downspout needs to be placed.

The gutter usually does not have a special place marked for a downspout, so a person will have to cut out a square hole for the spout him or herself. After the hole is cut, the person must then measure and cut down to size the downspout. It is best to do a test fit of the downspout before the final assembly of it. Once it has been determined that the downspout can fit, it is fit into place and secured there with screws.

After the downspout is installed, the final step is to connect all the gutter segments and corners. It is also recommended to install leaf guards wherever trees are located to prevent clogging of your brand new rain gutter. Installing rain gutters is not too hard if you know what you are doing or if you have clear instructions. As said before, sometimes a company will provide free installation of a new gutter. It is much easier to have professionals install a new gutter than to do it yourself.