How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

A door is a significant feature of the house. It is the only acknowledged entry and exit point of any buildings or houses. That’s why a door should be strong and durable enough to keep away intruders and other unwanted elements that could ruin one’s home and properties.

An example of durable and strong material is the steel. A steel frame and door can be installed in anyone’s house if the owner seeks more security and safety. Here are the basic steps on how to install a steel door and frame.

1. Gather and prepare all the needed materials.

The required materials are the following:

– Kit for steel frame and door

– One and half inches screws

– Two inches screws

– Screw driver

– Wall board and a wall board tape

– Shims

– Plaster skim coating

The necessary tools for the installation are:

– Pry bar

– Drill that has a bit set

– Coping saw

– Eight pieces of nails

– Hammer

2. Remove the existing frame, door and molding.

First, remove the existing door’s molding. Use the pry bar and put it in between the molding and the wall. At the top, pull away gently the molding from the wall until it loose. Do the same at the bottom part and then in the middle part. Keep on doing this until the molding is removed.

Do the same steps in the present doorway. Push out the hinge pins of the hinge and detach the door. Using the screw driver, remove the hinges by unscrewing. In case the frame of the door jam is screwed in position, move the drill in reverse motion and back until the screws are pull out. Detach the frame, sills and jams.

3. Do the wall framing.

Check if the wall that supports the door is structural. If it is, use a pair of 2 inches x 4 inches stock nailed together and placed inside the wall. Detach the stud on each side of the new steel door frame. Replace the studs with metal ones. Directly screw to the existing sill. Use the screws. Do the same to the header wall frame. Put on blocking where the door system requires support.

4. Place the new steel door.

This step requires a helper. With the aid of a companion, put on the door’s bottom to the opening of the door. Tilt up the door to its place. Level it by using the shims and adjust the door until it fits into place. The kit may include interior supports that help the door package remain square. Measure from the intact floor to the sill’s top to get the height. If there is a carpet, do not measure from it.

5. Shim the door.

Use the thin sheet of shims (shingles) to bring the door slowly into plumb. Leverage by maneuvering the shims of each side of the frame and between the metal studs and the frame. Apply the same steps to the header part of the floor and frame. The plumb reader and level slightly change as the metal suds are screwed of the door and frame. Adjustments might be necessary.

6. The frame is screwed.

The kit has two inches screws which should be used in the metal stud and lockset part of the frame. Screw down only halfway to the stud or until its strong enough to give support to the placed package. Alter the shims at the lockset area of the frame and those found in the sill. Alter also the hinge area of the placed frame and door. Level the door by adjusting the shims and the plumb should be easily opened. The screws should be tightened and the frame braces can now be removed.

7. Patch the wall.

Take away the wall boards that were placed on the sides of the doorway. Nail down new wall boards as replacements so that it fits against the steel door frame. Plaster and tape the boards.

Installing a steel frame and door is easy if there is help available and the materials and tools needed are all present. Make sure that the installed door and frame are placed properly so that it would function well and there is no need to repeat the installation.