How to Install a Swivel TV Wall Mount

Lets turn our living room, man cave, or TV room into a whole new room by just a simple addition by mounting your TV on the wall. Home Improvements can be done in so many ways to help bring the value of your home up and also help your viewing area for you and guest of your TV.

TV Mounting can be done yourself or you can find a company to do it for you. Make sure the company is licensed and insured because hanging a TV wrong can hurt your walls and even fall and not only break your TV but can land on something value or even you.

One of the most important things to make you that you or the company handling the installation does is choose the right bracket for the TV. This means choose a bracket that can hold the size of the TV and choose from swivel or flat mount. Swivel enables you to turn the TV in different directions left and right and up and down to change your viewing directions. A good bracket can run you between $45 – $100 easily.

If your doing it your self make sure you have the following tools. pencil, level, power tools such as drill, and screw driver. Depending on the size of your TV you should always have someone helping you. You will need to lift the TV up on the bracket mount later. Also you will need a stud finder. This is most important. Your TV needs to be mounted to studs that help support the weight on the TV. If you don’t have a stud finder, get one. Trust us you don’t want to do it without it.

Always make sure also that the spot you have chosen to mount your TV is the best place for it. Depending on the location and TV type you may have a sun glare or it might not be in the best viewable area. Also make sure there is a wall outlet close by to plug your cords into.

You can wall mount your TV also by hiding your wires in the wall or behind a plastic strip.

When all is said and down your room will look completely new and your guest will wonder why. If you choose a company to do it for you it will cost around $279. Do not get fooled by companies charging you over a $1000 to have it done. That’s more then your TV worth.