How To Install a Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Almost every house has an ironing board, but they can take up ample, needed space in the house. If you find that your ironing board is always getting in the way, there is a different approach that you can take – installing a wall mounted ironing board. This will ensure that you have access to the ironing board but it is not in the way or taking up unnecessary space within your home. The best part is once you have completed your ironing tasks, you can simply fold up the board and latch it back onto the wall – no folding or storing necessary.

Easy Tips for Installation

Installing a wall mounted ironing board is simple considering that you have the right hardware. Make sure you purchase the right kind. You should choose one that's designed to take the stresses of having pressure applied – because it will not have the floor to support the weight that is rested on top of it. Do not risk injuring yourself or your furniture.

Step # 1: Choose an Adequate Location. Since the fact that it is a wall mounted board, you will need to ensure that you have a good location for it. Ideal locations will have floor space for you to stand and move around with ease, a power outlet directly nearby for the iron and a sturdy wall surface in which the appliance can be easily mounted. Your wall location will require the existence of a stud, because it needs to support weight. If you install it in a place without a stud, you are risking damage to your wall.

Step # 2: Drill the Mounting Holes for your Hardware. Make sure you drill at a desirable height and follow the manufacturer instructions for mounting. If you mount too high, you will not be able to reach. If you mount too low, you run the risk of damage to your back from hunching over. Once the holes are drilled you are ready to mount the cabinet and kit.

Step # 3: Mount the Board and the Cabinet. The cabinet is what houses the ironing board and keeps it from falling off the wall. Most come with a door or two that keep the board locked up until you want to use it. Use the screws that came with the kit for easy installation. If you so desire, you can put the ironing board cover pad on once the installation is complete.