How to Install and Connect a Printer

If you have a computer it is more than likely that you will need to connect a printer to enable you to print out documents etc. When you purchase your printer you will need to install it properly with the least amount of fuss. With the printer will come a printer driver which is the software needed to connect it to your computer.

Here is how you can install a printer:

Switch on your computer and consider the following options that are appropriate to your situation:

• If the printer has a plug and play facility then the Windows application will identify and automate the installation for you. All you have to do is set up the printer and connect it to your computer with the appropriate cables. Switch it on and you are ready to print.

• Printer with disc: Insert the driver software into the CD drive and carry out the on screen directions. Once you have completed all the instructions you should be ready to print

If the printer has neither of the above options then you can do it manually yourself. Proceed by clicking Start – Control Panel then Printer. This will take you to the printer section. Here click the Add A Printer button and the Printer wizard will start up. Then, follow the instructions. Choose the Add a Local Printer and hit the next button.

The Wizard will then ask you to specify which computer slot that you want your printer to be plugged into. Click your cursor on the arrow on the Using an Existing Port Field and choose the required port. If you are not sure which ports to choose then go with the port that Windows suggests. Once selected hit the next button.

The next instruction will ask you to choose the manufacturer of the printer you are installing and the model. Choose which is appropriate to you.

The next instruction is to give your printer a name. You can include your own or just leave the default name which is the printer’s manufacturers name and printer model.

You can use this as your default printer. If you wish to change the default to another printer then deselect the Set as the default printer tick box that is under the printer name edit box.

Remember you are not limited to installing one printer as you can install as many as you want. Just remember to set the default printer as the printer you use most often.