How To Install Deck Railing – In 5 Easy Steps

Does local building code require you to install deck railing?….Well don’t worry, anybody can install railings with a few simple steps. On several occasions I have had to install railings to meet the local building code, and if you read on I will show you 5 easy steps for how to install deck railing.

Step 1:

This first step is easy. Get a square, consult the plans for your deck, and mark with the square along the header and outer joists the locations for each of the railing posts. Make sure the posts are no more than 1.8 meters or 72 inches apart.

Handy tip: Make sure you mark both edges of the railing posts at each location, It will make life that much easier.

Step 2:

This next step requires the use of your drill. Here you need to pre-drill two holes at the base of the railing posts. These two holes are for the bolts in order to attach the posts to the deck. Be careful and make sure you keep the drill straight.

Step 3:

Now for the easiest step of them all. Install the rail posts by bolting them to the deck with either “through” or “lag” bolts.

Step 4:

In order to attach the balusters we need to install a railing between each post. Screw the railing between the top of the posts, and ensure they are level, or fall evenly as required.

Step 5:

The final step is to install the balusters. Calculate how many balusters you need between each post and mark accordingly. Make sure the gap between each baluster is equal. Now screw in each baluster at the top and bottom, with a minimum of two screws.

So we now have a nice and appealing railing that will more than satisfy most local building codes. Knowing how to install deck railing is not too difficult is it?

A Further Option To Consider:

Above I gave instructions on how to install deck railing that was attached to the outside joists. Yet, another option exists. If you plan on installing a railing from the outset of building your deck, your deck support posts can be installed to double as your deck railing posts.

So there we have it. Not only do you now know how to install deck railing, once you follow the above mentioned steps, you will also see how simple it is to install deck railing.