How To Install Drop Ceiling Grids?

A drop ceiling grid has become an important part of every home today. These grids are present in every room and are very useful, whether it is for decorative purposes or, their main use, covering up wires and plumbing. Drop ceiling grids help you get a more uniform level on your ceiling which usually has a lot of the objects running on it.

They design the grid to hold tiles or other materials in place which could serve acoustic or architectural purposes as well. A huge plus point is that when any kind of damage to the wiring or the plumbing, the ceiling is easily moved and the problem worked on. Even when damage occurs on one of the tiles on the ceiling, that one tile is then replaced without disturbing anything else. Let’s take a look at how to install drop ceiling grids.

First off you need to take the measurements of the room you are installing the drop ceiling grid is very important. Then, finish and confirm the measurement. You can start the later steps from there. Secondly, a minimum distance of 4 inches from the original ceiling is a must so that there is ample space left for the other installations. Additional space will also be required if plumbing is needed.

You want to set up the laser level in the room at 4 inches below the 4 inches you have already taken. Once the molding is ready, it is always better to nail the first stick from corner to corner. This way, you get a lot more support. After you finish with this, but the neighboring wall at the inside corners is not yet done; the succeeding stick at this point should overlap it and back up to the first wall. To get corners on the drop ceiling grid that are smooth and not untidy or jagged, you have to cut them at around 45 degrees. Don’t deform the molding a lot when you are cutting it because the corners will easily get affected by this. Screw it down tightly.

The next step will be to make panels for the tiles. This is where cross pieces come into play. Once the body of the grid is complete, place these cross pieces at exact intervals, which will depend on the size of your tiles. Repeat this until your grid is complete. A few minor tweaks or adjustments might be needed before your drop ceiling grids are exactly the way you want them.