How to Install Fireplace Doors

Anyone can make their fireplace look complete with a set of fireplace doors. Beside giving your room a finished look, fireplace doors serve other purposes. When burning a fire, the glass doors prevent sparks from escaping your fireplace, keeping your room safe. Glass doors are also an important amenity for safety reasons if you have small children or pets. The following is a general overview of two typical installations and is meant to give you a basic understanding of the process.

There are two different types of fireplace doors- steel and aluminum. Both types of doors will work for any fireplace – you will just need to find what will work best for you. Both types of doors will require a few tools:

o Cordless Drill
o Masonry Drill Bit
o Hex Head Drill Bit
o Level
o Felt Tip Marker

Aluminum fireplace doors are generally cheaper in price than steel doors. Aluminum is lightweight, yet a durable material. The aluminum doors arrive fully assembled; however, the four sides of the frame are individual pieces that have been bolted together. This makes the frame a bit more flexible than a solid steel frame. This flexibility requires additional adjustments of the glass doors after installation in order to align the frames.

The installation of your aluminum doors is quite easy. All aluminum doors mount on the face of your fireplace.

Step 1. Remove the glass doors and mesh screen / doors from the frame. This will allow for easier installation.

Step 2. Attach the installation brackets that come with the fireplace door to the back of the frame. There should be two for each side of the fireplace door.

Step 3. Position the frame against the fireplace face. Make sure that your frame is square to the fireplace. Use a level if necessary. Do not assume that the frame is completely lined up correctly because it is against the fireplace. Sometimes, the fireplace itself may not be completely square.

Step 4. Line up the bracket with a mortar joint, and using the melt tip marker, mark a spot where you will drill your hole. Do this on both sides of the fireplace door for all four brackets.

Step 5. Remove the frame and set it on the ground.

Step 6. Using a cordless or electric drill and your masonry bit, pre-drill a hole in the mortar joint where you marked the spot. Pre-drill all four holes.

Step 7. Set frame in place against fireplace face and line up bracket with the newly drilled holes.

Step 8. Insert screws through bracket and tighten.

Step 9. Once frame is secure, attach the screen mesh curtain / door and glass doors.

Step 10. Make necessary adjustments so the glass doors are aligned.

Often, installation for aluminum doors can be extra work due to the frames flexibility. Aluminum doors require adjustments in order for the door frames (also called styles) to be aligned.

Steel fireplace doors different from aluminum doors because the frame is one complete piece – it is laser cut from one solid sheet of steel. This means that the frame has no flexibility so the doors should always be properly aligned. They will also be fully assembled when they arrive.

Steel fireplace doors can overlap the opening, mounting on the face of the fireplace, or sit on the inside of the fireplace box. These directions only explain the installation of a steel door as an overlap fit.

Step 1. Before you attach the doors, you want to be sure to remove any glass doors or mesh screens that may be attached.

Step 2. Place the frame against the fireplace face, and locate the mounting holes on the back of each side of the frame.

Step 3. Using a felt tip marker, mark a spot on the inside of the fireplace through the slots of the mounting holes. Note: If the pre-drilled holes in the frame do not line up with a mortar joint, you can carefully drill a hole into the brick.

Step 4. Using a cordless or electric drill and your masonry bit, pre-drill a hole in the mortar joint where you marked the spot. Pre-drill all four holes.

Step 5. Once you have pre-drilled holes into the masonry, you can place your frame into the fireplace.

Step 6. Insert the screws through the mounting holes and into the pre-drilled holes and tighten.

Step 7. Once the frame is secure, attach the screen mesh curtain / door and glass doors.

The installation of your fireplace door may differ slightly from the above instructions depending on the manufacturer. features install documentation and videos specific to the fireplace door that you are considering to purchase. They also have staff available by phone that can walk you through the entire process from measuring to installation.

Installing a set of fireplace doors is a fairly straight forward process and should take you approximately 30 minutes to an hour. Whether you decide on aluminum or steel fireplace doors – you will not be disappointed!