How to Install Laminate Floors

If you do not want to pay someone to install your laminate floor then you can do it yourself. Before you begin you will want to read the "how to install laminate flooring" manual that is offered by the manufacturer of the laminate flooring product that you plan on using. To get an idea of ​​what you will need to do to install your laminate flooring then you can also read this article.

First you will need to measure your floor. Write down these measurements. Determine the area that you will need to cover with laminate floor planks by multiplying the length of the room by its width and then multiply this number by 1.1. This will give you a 10 percent margin for mistakes, damaged planks and matching. Use this final number to order the correct amount of planks.

The next step that most "how to install laminate flooring" instructions will recommend is to prep your floor for the laminate flooring. You will want to remove the old flooring, staples, nails and debris. After the debris has been removed you will want to make sure that your sub floor is level.

The next easy installation step is to lay down the underlayment. You should use the underlayment (s) recommended by your flooringss manufacturer. The underlayment will act as a moisture barrier as well as a shock absorber. Some underlayments offer a two in one product that accomplishes both of these tasks.

Next you will need to start your starter row a little bit away from the wall. This space will allow your laminate floor to expand and settle. If you are using a glue less laminate floor then you will not need to glue the planks together as you assemble them. Instead you will just need to click them together. Continue clicking your planks together until your floor is completely assembled.

The final step is to install your floor boards and transition strips. To do this you will need to use the nail size recommended by the productss manufacturer. After all of your hard work is completed sweep the area clean and make sure that there are not stray nails or tacks on the floor. Now all that is left to do is to enjoy your floor.