How to Install the Specialty Products 86250 – Ford Cam Nut

This innovative cam nut and sturdy bracket saves time and money. Easily adjust camber and caster on F150s from ’04 and up (including late model) and ’07 & up Expeditions. Save time since you don’t have to remove the OE bolt or stabilizer bar. The sturdy guide bracket allows for live adjustment. This is a must have for every alignment shop’s shelf.

Front Adjustment range: Camber: -1.00 deg. to +1.00 deg.

Caster: -1.50 deg. to +1.50 deg.

Installation time:.3 hr/side

Required: 1 kit per wheel


Ford: 2004 & Up F150

2007 & Up Expedition

Ford F-150 Front Caster/Camber Kit

All products available from Specialty Products Company are intended for use by professional installers only.

1. Before beginning any alignment always check for loose or worn parts, tire pressure, and odd tire wear patterns.

2. Raise and support the front of the vehicle by lifting on the frame rail to unload the front suspension but letting the tires touch the rack.

3. Remove lower control arm mounting bolt.

4. Install new bolt through new cam so the head of the bolt is in the recess. Mount cam shoulder plate so pin fits in existing small hole in frame and install bolt and cam through plate, frame, and control arm. Fig.#1

Note: Bolt and cam assembly will install in vehicle in the opposite direction of the stock bolt.

5. Install each bolt and cam plate so the bolt head is towards the center of the vehicle. (Most positive camber position of wheel) Install new washer and nut and tighten slightly.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4, & 5 for each lower control arm bolt.

Note: Sway bar will need to be unbolted at the frame and lowered so both rear control arm bolts can be removed.

7. Lower vehicle and adjust camber and caster by rotating hex on cam washer using a 2 1/8″ open end wrench.

Note: If cam bolt and washer start to bind while rotating, it may be necessary to raise vehicle by the frame to unload the suspension and start with the cam bolt positioned for the most positive camber.

8. Torque cam bolt nut to manufacturer’s specification.

9. Adjust toe, recheck alignment and road test vehicle.

Always check for proper clearance between suspension components and other components of the vehicle.