How to Install Window Sun Shades

You can install window sun shades on your own or with a little help from a friend or relative. You don’t need to hire expensive professionals for a job you can do yourself. Even if you may not be the handiest person alive, installing your window shades will be a walk in the park. Just make sure you have everything ready. The shades, tools and an instruction guide.

These are just basic steps on how to install window shades, you can deviate from the instructions as long as you are positively sure that you know what you are doing.

1. Since you cannot do multiple installations at the same time, pick the window that you feel will be the easiest to install shades on. Make sure that window is also in a place where you can see the full effect of the sun shade. It is very much advisable that you do the installation during daytime. Specifically, on a sunny day. Performing the installation on a gloomy day will rob you of the opportunity to see your new sun shades in full effect.

2. Clean the area where you are going to install the window sun shades. It is also a good idea to prepare the work area with everything that you will need. This will save you a lot of time.

3. Get the measurements of the sun shades precisely because you will need to mark where the screws are going to be placed. Different shades mean different sizes, so be sure about the size. You don’t want to leave hole marks on your walls because of misplaced screws.

4. Place the brackets on the screws. The brackets will be the ones holding up the sun shades. They shouldn’t be jutting out straight out of the wall, they should be placed at an angle.

5. After placing the brackets for you shade, you can then screw in the actual sun shades.

Installing your on window sun shades will save a lot on professional fees. You will also get exactly what you want since you will not be barking orders at anyone. Just keep telling yourself and it will be a piece of cake.