How to Join Any Two Pieces of Wood

Too many times, people try to join or rejoin two wood pieces only to have them fall apart days, hours, or even minutes later. Maybe you have a broken shelf that needs constant repair, a desk drawer that won’t stay attached to the rest of your desk, or a TV stand that needs assembly. Wood glue won’t always finish the job or solve the problem, what you need is something the human race has relied on for centuries to keep things together. You need wood dowels. Combining wooden dowels with dowel joints is a sure fire way to simply and cheaply fasten two pieces of wood.

Dowel rods, frequently used in woodworking, are typically used to reinforce joints and support various components. If you need to join two objects tightly and securely, dowels do just that by combining a wooden rod with a joint (a small hole bored into both objects). Additionally, dowels are also used as sturdy supports for hanging objects such as tools and picture frames.

How to Join Two Objects with a Wooden Dowel:

1. Buy wooden dowels

2. Drill joints into one of the pieces you want to join with a drill bit that is the same diameter as your wooden dowel. Drill slightly deeper than the length of your dowel, this makes room for wood glue. Tape or any other kind of indicator on your drill bit will help you know when to stop drilling

3. Indicate on your second piece of wood where you need to drill for the next dowel hole.

4. Cut the holes into your second piece of wood, following the same directions in step 1.

5. Insert your wooden dowels, ensure that all the holes line up, and that your wooden dowel pin joint is flush before you add glue to the joint.

6. Remove dowels, add wood glue, connect wood dowel with dowel joint, allow to dry.

There you have it. In 6 easy steps you took advantage of technology that has been relied on for centuries to join two pieces of wood. From wooden ships built to navigate the glove to your tv stand.