How To Keep Birds Off Of Your Patio Furniture

Believe it or not, there are many different solutions for how to keep birds off of your patio furniture. Perhaps you have already tried to put up a scarecrow on your patio, but you know what? A scarecrow is much more likely to scare your guests than to scare any birds away. So, how do you keep birds off of your patio furniture?

Well, these days, there are many innovative ways to keep birds off of your patio furniture… ways that are a bit more high tech and much more effective than the classic scarecrow. One such solution is a magnet. A magnet that can keep birds off of your patio furniture?! Now, the idea may sound a bit odd, but it really works.

You can buy a powerful magnet whose main purpose is to keep birds away from your patio (in a safe and humane manner). How does such a tool work? Well, it disrupts the birds’ means of sensing direction, and they will therefore stay away from the 15-20 foot radius that such a magnet might cover. Birds cannot adjust to the effect of such a magnet. Of course, if you are going to use one of these devices to keep birds off of your patio furniture, be sure to keep your computer, pacemakers, or other magnetically coded devices away from it.

Another tool for keep birds away from your patio is a bird repellant. There are simple non-toxic bird repellants out there that you can apply to surfaces that you do not want birds to land on. Such a bird repellant is stick and birds do not like the “feel” of it. Of course, seeing as how it is sticky, you will not want to apply it to your patio furniture, but you may want to consider applying to branches that hang over your patio or a gutter that surrounds your patio. If a bird cannot land around your patio, it is much less likely to poop on your patio!

There are also more modern takes on the scare crow to keep birds off of your patio furniture. Birds really are afraid and nervous around things that remind them of a predator bird, and also sometimes bright colors and bold designs. Pick up some of these items at your local gardening store.

There are also many other ideas on how to keep birds off of your patio furniture that pertain to specific species. So, if these aforementioned hints do not help you with your bird problem, then there is still hope.